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Just 2 days ago, the cryptocurrency ecosystem experienced the 4th halving event, and thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto you can see the world is now waking to the party. This surely makes a case that cryptocurrency is here to stay and the earliest adoption the better for everyone. Now one thing that eludes the cryptocurrency world is a place to spend it freely with no hustle, a feat many have tried to achieve but failed when they launched due to unforeseen circumstances or regulatory deficiencies.

The next-gen for the cryptocurrency ecosystem is to produce a crypto-based e-commerce platform owned by the people for the people. A place that is ready to stand the test of time. To say a few this product must be ready to serve a larger base of its customers with little or no censorship.

Based on the above, I am here to introduce to you the largest cryptocurrency marketplace which took 6 solid years to build and perfect. Yes, it took 6 years for the platform to see the light of day, and was launched on the 1st Day of May 2020.

Shoppers who wish to make purchases using cryptocurrency can buy products on this platform and it will be shipped to their doorstep with little or no shipping cost.

Minutes after the launch Products ranging from Real Estate, Electronics, Automobiles, Computers, Mobile Phones, etc have been listed. Our team saw this beautiful product listed on the platform and we love to share with you.

A 3 Bedroom elevated house listed by the BIGAPPLESTEEL COMPANY LTD. based in Ghana.

Bigapplesteel company Ltd, is a construction company whose mode of operation is to ACQUIRE, DESIGN, AND BUILD your preferred dream home and you can pay directly with cryptocurrency.

The listed product goes for $300,000.00 USD worth of Cryptocurrency which the purchaser can buy using 20% of PMF Token and 80% of your preferred currency ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, Binance, or one of our other 30 cryptocurrencies on Primereum.

View Product here:

Cryptocurrency is here to stay and this is the right time to bring a working project that will cement the adoption drive of cryptocurrency. 

Let's get shopping.



Arinze John
13 May

#Primereum is a one stop site for crypto shoppers.


edube emmanuel
13 May

This is Awesome


13 May

Nice one keep it up 


Joseph Ogbor
13 May

Primereum is a top notch marketplace for online shopping.


Amaka Prince-Paul
13 May

Primereum is the one stop shop for online shopping


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