Parwaiz akhter ~ the wonderful artist of our uptrennd family

🌼Asalam o alaikum my lovely people of uptrennd 

Hope you all are good having a great day🌼

No doubt uptrennd has huge variety of people in our family we have singers dancers amazing chefs writers and artists uptrennd unites all of us in a family here we encourage the quality users and appreciate their work...

👉Parvwaiz sir is one of the best artists of uptrennd everyone must have seen his sketches and color art work i am a big fan of his work seriously he has a God gifted talent he makes duplicate copy of objects i want all of you to follow him on uptrennd and he has an account on instagram follow that too click on these links to see his profile and don't forget to appreciate his hard work because he deserves this appreciation...

👉​His uptrennd profile​​​

👉​His instagram account ​​​

Few days ago i requested him to make a sketch of my father and yesterday he sent me the picture also he made a post on it Click here to see i fell in love with that sketch i showed to my father and he was very happy i am thankful to this person for that gift...

😍Look at this how perfectly it is made😍

preview not available

🤓These 3 art pieces are my most favourite i copied these pictures from his insta account ...

preview not available

👉Go and follow his both account this man deserves alot of support and appreciation i forgot to mention that he is also a finest photographer you will love his photography too🍃



preview not available Navi .
24 Jan

I just wait for his next art piece. I saw some photography posts too especially that lightnings just stunning!! 

No doubt he is one of finest artist of Uptrennd Fam! 


NatiQ Abbas
24 Jan

Sir i have hidden talent series as well. Just get some emerging talent and encourage them also. 

Stay blessed 


preview not available Navi .
24 Jan

I've them all in my following list already :) 


NatiQ Abbas
25 Jan

That's so nice of you 💜


Maryam J
24 Jan

Huge respect to this gentleman seriously he has a magic in hands how perfect the sketch looks of your father i am sure he must happy after watching this im going to follow pervaiz sir.


Pireh Malik
24 Jan

Wow this looks very nice i agree he has this wonderful talent as a gift of Lord sketching is the difficult art and he is master in this from above pictures we can see his efforts and hard work alot of appreciation to his work may he get success in this field. 


NatiQ Abbas
24 Jan

That's so nice of you @Fatima to highlighten the hidden talent.  

 M going to follow this hardworking personality 


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
25 Jan

You are right Pervez Akhtar is not only an artist but also a photographer I have met Pervez Akhtar Sahib only once in my life and I have learned a lot from him in this meeting.. Allah Almighty blessed him with various abilities.And the way they make these sketches is really admirable 🔥🚀







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