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13 Nov
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Use Shortkeys And Save Your Time During Article Writing

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Hafsa M 8 months ago

Really helpful..

i know only about ctrl C V X. Now I will use all these keys 

Shadda 🇵🇰 8 months ago

it sounds good there are a lot of complex short key but I skipped them be simple

Sincere Helper 8 months ago

You make good solutions of shortkeys for all pc and laptop users now they can post easily with save his time when writing article or post.

Shadda 🇵🇰 8 months ago

yes bro success lies in implementation

Victoria Haruna 8 months ago

This article reminds me of my early days in computer training.

I still use all these shortcut keys. they are so helpful. It saves so much time and stress.

Shadda 🇵🇰 8 months ago

yeah these are basic things but are very helpful

Bushra Bukhari 7 months ago

Very informative, Ihave masters in computer science and used to do this in assignments and all stuff at that time but now I forgot these short cut keys, thanks for remembering,and will be helpful for other uptranndians.

Shadda 🇵🇰 7 months ago

Wow! Nice to hear that you have done master in computer. This is crush subject

Skyway Poster 7 months ago

Itliker these are really much helpful tips for time saving,for all PC/Laptop' Uptrenndians. Thanks for collecting and sharing these helpfull short keys.

Shadda 🇵🇰 7 months ago

Thanks for appreciation, when you will write using shortkey?

Skyway Poster 7 months ago

I have written these keys on paper and I try from now to fully remember and apply to these.

Shadda 🇵🇰  7 months ago

Nice work. These are easy to remember.







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