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Parachute + Uptrennd Weekly Brainstorm Sessions Vol. VI: Do you believe TA works? Do you follow anybody? (Join in for 1UP/points)

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Romana Grubesic 10 months ago

This is great idea! I saw many people got bannede from different groups due to long tounge and fight over this theme:). I am strong believer TA has sense, but (!) it is not all in putting lines. Since TA came from observing people reactions and behaviours, it makes sense. So, market needs to be tracked, specially news and spins over networks, and combine those with using math rules. TA is best when combined with FA, but FA is not existing in crypto in a way it exists with stocks. With stocks it is much easier and makes more sense because you have access to financial books/reports. That is why TA in crypto is a chalenge!

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Danyo Yo 10 months ago

My opinion is that TA works great like 80% of the time, but not alone, you have to follow the news and analyze the coins for which you use it, every coin has a different evolution and trend. In the long run, I think it will help you if you consider those 20% when it may not work due to the unpredictability of the market

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Daniel Dalo 10 months ago

I believe that price charts reflect on mass psychology (fear and greed). If you follow the news and are well informed, you can develop a feeling for what the crowd might do next.

However, a price chart is objective, does not lie or speculate and it definitely shows what the market (or crowd behind it) has been doing or to what levels it has reacted. Price alone is the only element to look at and it can show you where are the good levels to put the money in. So, for me supply/demand and market structure are good TA tools and the only ones that are truly necessary to analyze and trade any market.

Regards!! :)

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Shadda 🇵🇰 10 months ago

Hey sir thats an excellent idea ...sir i have heard about parachute social media but never visited please give its link i want to check...

More still i am learning trading so i am a beginner so i can't say technical anysis is important or not..

EngrSamest . 10 months ago

To my little understanding on trading analysis well I will say is a good one to leverage on especially if you are a beginner it makes you have understanding about some terms in crypto space. There some terms during general discussion in group that many people may not understand if they have not been following some indicators and terms like candlesticks on the chart and many other technical terms. 

For me,  I don't use technical analysis to determine my trading I only follow the trend of happenings to trade or invest.. But technical analysis is good and sometimes may fail too. No lesson learnt that is not useful somewhere! 







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