Parachute Monthly Update: ParJar + MoonPay, Uniswap Liquidity Rewards distributed, KYC on ParJar, Social Liquidity Pool test net txns, …– 2 Oct – 29 Oct'20

Hi Parachuters. Another month passed by and it seems only like yesterday when October had started. Like always, we have had an action-packed 4 weeks. Here’s all that happened at Parachute and ParJar from 2-Oct-20 to 29-Oct-20 –


2 Oct – 8 Oct'20:

Darren’s Friday Mega Trivia in TTR this week had a 2k $PAR prize pool. GamerBoy’s Big Trivia in Tiproom saw another 2k $PAR given away. Noice! In the latest Parachute Fantasy Premier League standings shared by LordHades, Alexis continues to be at the top spot with 208 points. Yanni is a close second at 192 points. The ParJar Buy/Sell option had been disabled for a few weeks now since we were having issues with our last router. This week, it went back live again after a partnership with MoonPay was finalised. Belated Happy Birthday to ya Alexis! Did you know that we had an NFT artist in our midst? I didn’t. Skittish creates NFT art and has made some Parachute-based ones too. Pretty cool! He made one on me as well. Thanks mate!

Kamo’s Beer Exchange package from Chris looks Hic-worthy too! Cheers y’all


9 Oct – 15 Oct'20:

Iceman shared some recent updates on the ParJar SLP (Social Liquidity Pools) smart contracts as they are being developed right now. Plus an update on the possible timeline for SLPs going live. PeaceLove’s Sunday TTR Trivia had a sweet 2k $PAR prize pool. James from the Parachute Athletics and Running Club announced a #parcundercover contest – clock some miles and win some $PAR. Win win! ParJar’s latest feature allows you to find the value of your pooled assets on Uniswap. So cool! If there’s any "US based popcorn" around, please consider buying some for Tony’s daughter’s fundraiser at school. And lol at that pattern, Alexis :D

Dang! What a view, Chris


16 Oct – 22 Oct'20:

The first Parachute Uniswap Liquidity Rewards program came to a close with the distribution of rewards to liquidity providers this week. Yup, that’s 1.4M $PAR sent out to poolers. Sweet! And Cap shared what next for ParJar. As per the latest #FPL update shared by LordHades, Carl Winkworth now tops the table with 270 points. GamerBoy hosted a “Random Gk” quiz in TTR this week for a 2k $PAR prize pot. Charlotte held an “EZ Trivia” for Tiproom members for some cool $PAR prizes.

MWMaehlisen’s Parachute Beer Exchange package from Alexis is sure to make both kiddos and grown-ups happy


23 Oct – 29 Oct'20:

Darren’s Mega Trivia in TTR had a cool 2k $PAR prize pool for winners. Gamer Boy’s Big Trivia was a ton of fun as well. And quite a busy Sunday at Parachute HQ, eh? As per the latest #FPL update from Game Week 6 shared by LordHades, Shreyas is on top with 372 points with Carl and Alexis following close behind. The first Social Liquidity Pool test net transaction looks rad. Thank you for the cool video covering Parachute, AG Hunter. There was a major decision announced this week in ParJar: Weekly transaction limits were set in place for tips/sends and withdrawals along with plans to introduce basic KYC using the Telegram Passport service. This was a contentious issue and a difficult decision as you can understand. The community had some concerns as well. So we spent a good part of Thursday interacting and talking through the issues. A set of FAQs and responses were also put up as we discussed the queries and road ahead. Why KYC? Cap shared: "As we move from the beta to the live, no whitelist, unrestricted product we need to implement the type of KYC and AML protocols that any service would need to have...Having these in place help us with staying power on more mainstream platforms...and open us up to using service providers and forming partnerships that consider these to be a deal breaker not to have."

As Ice put it: “this will allow us to make it to the big leagues and get to 1mm users…”


And with that, it’s a wrap for October 2020 @ Parachute. See you again with another update. Ciao!


P.S. The cover pic for this article features Jason’s amazing haul in the Parachute Beer Exchange thanks to Sebastian!


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