Parachute Monthly Update: Parachute Uniswap Liquidity Program, ParJar Swaps Go Live!, Website Redesign, CF Joins Team, Annual Beer Exchange, …– 26 Jun – 30 Jul'20

Hi Parachuters! This has been a long time coming. With a ton of pending weekly updates dating back to 26-Jun-2020, I thought it would be best to club all the Parachute news into monthly reports and publish them back-to-back over the next few days to catch up with the latest. We have recently had some super eventful months at Parachute and ParJar. So much so that, the update reports are starting to look like friggin’ omnibuses. For a change, we will be focusing on Parachute ParJar news alone in these monthly reports. Because if we include news from our partner project in these, we might as well publish the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Haha. So here’s all that happened at Parachute from 26-Jun-20 to 30-Jul-20 –


26 Jun – 2 Jul'20:

Coinciding with Liverpool winning the Premier League, Alexis topped the FPL chart this week. Naj hosted a mega trivia in TTR for 10k $PAR in prizes. Peace Love hosted another one as well. This week’s Two-for-Tuesday saw folks posting music "featuring bands, artists or song titles that feature a place". Thanks for making the playlist again Sebastian! With Parachute giving a final push, $PAR won the vote to get listed on Txbit. Saweet! This listing offers $PAR its first set of fiat trading pairs. Click here to see Tony testing out the beta version of ParJar swaps. That is quite epic indeed! Doing instant crypto swaps directly from your Telegram account. The ParJar Gaming Room crew, welcomed $GHOST to the pool of rewards for this month. Last month, they had added $ESH to the huge prize pot.

Ice shared an early sneak peek into how Uniswap-powered swaps would look like in ParJar


3 Jul – 9 Jul'20:

Just like clockwork, Naj hosted her Mega Trivia in TTR on Friday with some cool $PAR prizes to be won. Gamerboy did a round of random trivia for some good fun as well. Click here for a glimpse of 4th of July fireworks from Cap’s apartment. Peace Love’s Sunday Big Trivia in Tiproom was a ton of fun like always. Charlotte’s Tuesday Trivia in TTR had 10k $PAR in prizes. It was a free-for-all for this week’s Two-for-Tuesday which saw 71 participants. All the amazing music was collated into an awesome playlist by Sebastian. Darren hosted an entirely new format-based trivia in TTR this week along with a mini trivia.

BlackBullShark shared a blast from the past with a picture of his stash of OG Parachute stickers


10 Jul – 16 Jul'20:

Cap set up the first private group of beta testers from the community to check out the swap function on ParJar. If you feel anxious trading on Uniswap, ParJar takes out all the complexity and makes it dead simple to swap tokens through it using Uniswap pools in the background. You have to see it to believe it. Absolute gamechanger! For this week's Friday prompt, Jason got Parachuters to "draw a scene that is confusing". Afful’s Big Trivia in the Tiproom had 1k $PAR in prizes per question. The #par4par raffle is currently running with a 500k $PAR prizepool. Dang! As you already know, at Parachute, discussions are freewheeling and could move in any direction. This week, we got glimpses of the lovely #DogsOfParachute from Tony, Clinton, Doc Vic (we already know Symba from earlier though) and Kamo (Solomon). All of them deserve a million pets.

#DogsOfParachute. Pic courtesy (L-R): Tony, Clinton, Doc Vic, Kamo


Some lovely creatures from Tony’s running trail. Haha


In this week’s reading recommendation from Cap we have The Growth Handbook written by the Intercom team. We even made it to 4chan this week. Haha. For Two-for-Tuesday Gian got Parachuters to share music "featuring bands or songs that have an animal in their name". Like always, Sebastian saved the day with an awesome playlist. EPL fans can check out the latest #FPL standings from the LordHades’ update. Alexis continues to be on top while LH has toppled Novel Cloud to get to the second position. Jason kicked off a public vote for a rerun of the Parachute beer exchange.

L: Such a great gift for the missus, Chris!, R: Food pic of the week - meat & veggies from Georg's garden


Black Sea from Radu’s POV


17 Jul – 23 Jul'20:

This was one of the biggest weeks for ParJar with Uniswap-powered swaps going live for all 40k active users. Pure awesomeness! No more fumbling with your Metamask or getting anxious about poor connectivity. ParJar swaps make Uniswap as easy as 1-2-3. As Cap put it: "Initiating a transaction on uniswap in under 30 seconds from your phone ain’t too shabby". Tech flex! Thank you for the shoutout, Sentivate! Jason’s weekend prompt got Parachuters to draw a "tiger doing something tigers don't normally do" (#donkeytigers). Naj hosted a Mega Trivia in TTR on Saturday with a 10k $PAR prize pool. Peace Love hosted another one the next day. As per the latest #FPL update from LordHades, Alexis continues to top the table with 2210 points. Congratulations to Nat for taking home 60k $PAR by winning this week’s Parena. Woot woot!

A small sample of all entries to #donkeytigers. Gosh darn amazing! Art credits: 1 – Unique, 2 – Bada, 3 – Marelys, 4 – Kunal, 5 – Wendell, 6 – Jose, 7 – Elmar, 8 – Nat, 9 – Maria, 10 – Adrian, 11 - Yosma, 12 - Carlos


Some great discussions happened this week in the PAR Utility channel about tokenomics (including a possible liquidity incentive program on Uniswap), new web design and the Parachute product roadmap. Click here to catch up on all the chatter. Or if you want a TLDR, you can read Cap’s roundup post as well. This week’s Two-for-Tuesday featured live in concert videos. Missed it? Sebastian’s got your back as always with the playlist. In the latest #FPL update shared by LordHades, it looks like Alexis, Novel Cloud and LH are impossible to beat since they continue to command the top 3 slots. And if you didn’t know already the kind of work that Clinton does at For Living Independence Charity, watch this video. Ninjas cutting onions, eh?

Some planned design elements for the website revamp


24 Jul – 30 Jul'20:

The Parachute Uniswap Liquidity Rewards Program got off to a roaring start this week with 22M $PAR pooled already. Read all about it here. There’s some sweet $PAR rewards for poolers. CF made a video demo of how a swap works in ParJar. The launch notification of ParJar swaps was pushed to 65k people on Telegram i.e. everyone who’s ever interact with ParJar. Community inputs started pouring in regarding which project to add next. Continuing with last week’s discussions in the PAR utility channel on the site redesign, Cap closed in on the final ideas and shared some snippets of what the new site could look like and quickly followed it up with the launch of the new site. It looks amazing! Darren's Friday Mega Trivia in TTR was a lot of fun as always. Gamer Boy hosted a “Big Trivia” and Peace Love held a “Sunday BIG TRIVIA” in Tiproom as well. Afful’s “General knowledge” quiz had 1k $PAR in prizes per question. For Jason's weekend prompt, Parachuters had to post "2 to 3 gifs and make an interesting and compelling story out of them" or otherwise referred to as #donkeygifmania. As a bonus follow-up prompt, Jason got folks to "watch a movie called Rubber and tell me about it! So you are not confused it is a movie about a tire. #donkeymoviecritics". Lolol!

The new website looks like a piece of art


Alexis and Crypto French have taken over the Parachute socials and will be driving many of the campaigns going forward. Noice! And if you didn’t know this already, CF recently joined the team as an intern. Double noice! Do you have a feature in mind that should be on ParJar/Parachute? Or something else that should be on the project roadmap? Don’t forget to chime in. The team is all ears. For Big Brother fans, the BB Contest will be starting soon. Stay tuned! The season finale of the Parachute Fantasy Premier League was this week. Congratulations to Alexis, LordHades, Novel Lucas and Chris (@Loki255) for finishing on top and winning a boatload of $PAR. Feeling overwhelmed with so much news? Cap rounded it all up into a crisp mailer. Thanks Mark for opening our eyes to the Memetic Institute. Haha! This week's Two-for-Tuesday was a free-for-all. Click here to catch up on all the music that was posted. Thanks once again Sebas for doing this! Entries for the 3rd Annual Parachute Beer Exchange were opened this week. If you would like to enjoy some unique brews in exchange for local specialties from your area, hop in!

A sample beer exchange from last year


Nostalgia: Jelly_Bein shared this poster from "a year or two ago from an auction"


And with that, it’s a wrap for July 2020 @ Parachute/ParJar. See you again with another massive monthly update tomorrow. Ciao for now!


P.S. The cover pic for this article features a Parannosaurus artwork from a gif created by Jose. Clinton is going to make this into a Parachute shirt for the merch store.


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