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Outside, And Lovin' It!


It all started Feb 15th with mixing soil, compost and peat moss, to get the group ready. It was freezing, an average then, of about 32ºF or 0ºC. THAT was during the heat of the day. Some nights were much colder. Snow happened. Ice. Cold. That was the week that I built the bins for growing potato in containers. Other than FRUIT, this year, all the vegetables are growing in containers. 

In the top image, TOP LEFT in round pots, are about 10 Peas plants. TOP RIGHT in Rectangle Pots, are Roma and Grape Tomato. Middle Left are 4 smaller rectangles, I have planted Spinach, and Buttercrisp Lettuce. Middle Right is a rounded pot with herbs growing for seasoning when I cook. Sage, Thyme, Greek Oregano. Bottom LEFT are 3 larger Rectangles. Two are empty, and one just got Romaine Lettuce seeds, yesterday.

My goal with planting lettuce over the course of a month, is to time when it is ripe and ready top pick, so that I have fresh lettuce each day. With Romaine, and Buttercrisp, I will practice what is called Cut and Come Again. By cutting the leaves, and leaving the center core intact, the lettuces will grow a second and third round of leaves for harvest, rather than die immediately. At some point about a month from now, I will start a new round of Romaine, and Buttercrisp lettuce. As I pick the first time in one rectangle, I will plant starting in a new rectangle pot, to keep it fresh.

Bottom RIGHT, has 4 round pots. Carrot in large round, Apple Mint in tiny round. In larger White Pot, Cucumber, and the very bottom right, has Rosemary.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Above, LEFT rectangles are 6 pepper plants. Round has carrot. Round has Zucchini. 2 Large squares have zucchini, as well. In back, smaller wooden container has 2 Cucumber that will grow vertically, along wooden Trellis. Back, larger wood container has Potato.

Only thing left inside, is above. 2 Pumpkin growing, and barely germinated. 3 corn plants, germinated with their first set of leaves. Some basil. ...And a few dozen CONE FLOWER, that I plant, to go to seed. While the flowers are a beautiful, purple flower... I plant them, so that come fall when the flowers die off, they go to seed, producing tons of thistle, for the goldfinches, house finches, and purple finches in the area to feed on.

And, finally, as promised to a few, including @Marianne West and @Lucas S

A few weeks ago, I cut off three stems of the Mint from my Papou (Grandfather). If you remember, this is a plant my Papou brought from Greece in 1912. I have two plants now, one outside, and one inside. I put the branches into glasses of water, changing water about every 3 or 4 days. Now, look at the roots, growing! These guys are almost ready for soil!

Hard to believe this is where we were only a short time ago!

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In coming posts, I will update my garden plans and show you progress


I am planting 3 kinds of tomato, 2 kinds of potato, carrots, cucumber, peas, corn, and a few kinds of lettuce, and in the early fall, I am planting Brussels Sprouts. Also, I usually plant herbs, too. Right now, I have oregano, parsley, and basil growing inside for cooking. Outside, I have a mint plan my grandfather brought over from Greece, when he came to America in the 1920's. 

I have a cutting growing indoors, too, from his plant.

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Shahzad Akbar
24 May

Wowwww you grow vegetables 

You are hardworking

I like your garden


Bluefin Studios
24 May

I try to work ahrd, and be patient. Gardening means being patient. AND I know that frsh Veggies and fruots will come, soon enough for my family


Linda .
24 May

I love your decision on how to pluck them so you don't run out of them. They really look good and fresh and I'm sure it takes a lot of hardwork. More strength


Bluefin Studios
24 May

the goal is to produce some fresh for my family, and plan for it to grow as long as possible.


Tiger Lily
24 May

Seeing those little roots on that mint... that is super exciting!!!

It's like watching a baby grow hehehehe

I'm so glad that you'll have that to remember your Papou :)   and yes - snow a few weeks ago - and now ready to really start growing in the sunshine!!!!

i'm happy with the progress with mine too hehehehe

i'm still scared to cut things out of the pots hahahaha


Bluefin Studios
24 May

Perhaps you can smuggle some back to Sunny California?
I know miss Marianne is looking for some mint. AND, if you fly to Phillipines, I believe Miss @Elizabeth V is looking for some too.


Elizabeth V
24 May

Oh, I don't live in the Philippines anymore. Haha!


Pabon Godfrey
24 May

I so . Much love the details. You put into crafting this post. I wish you get rewarded accordingly. 


Eve Peterson
24 May

It's amazing what you've done even with the weather condition you still did a brilliant job. 


Bluefin Studios
24 May

We started in snow, and now, it is over 24ºC, daily. so, it is fine growing weather NOW!


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