The city game continues and guess what 

The season 2 of the Uptrennd city game is just a week away

Let me hear you make some noise

Uptrennd city game!

Uptrennd city game!!

Uptrennd city game!!!🤗🤗

The pre-season contest is still on with loads of prizes to win.

This week we're designing outfits for the gamizen.

What do you think of it. Yea

Just what you're thinking, outfits the gamizen can rock the city with all blazing and hot.

Enough of seeing gamizen roaming the city off clothes.😶  Lol

Stop picturing that🙄  I never meant naked😂😂.

I bring to you my own share of the outfit going round.

My City Outfit

I know we all have shades of taste in cloth designs and color,

Some want it skinny ,others baggy. 

Some love it red others sky blue

Guess what you don't have to worry as i can make that just for you.


Whoot Tada!!!

preview not available

The homiie outfit I call this, bet no one isn't a fan of white ,all white.

 Don't you think a jean trouser and a sniker would be just fit.😜😜.

Stop that..that's mine with my name on it😎🤗🤗

Also come in ash

preview not available

And Orange

preview not available

 just name all with your name on it , be it pet name , alias and all. I got you covered.

Is that all 

Hmmm. No!!!!!!😂😂

I got the design in polo tops too for those who love to rock the collar better , amazing touch of red💃💃 just for you.

preview not available

Oh no I almost forgot , one more to go.

I live in the very close to the sea side and for sure i experience cold night at times and I really don't have anyone to cuddle, single me

Guess You got the message right? Something to keep me warm,.A hoodie it is.

Don't you think you'll be needing that too

Just perfect for the weather

preview not available

Yes that's all

 Feel free to flaunt gamizen, you all deserve the very best.

Tell me about your favourite in the comments box with your reasons.

See you there😜😜

Uptrennd city game. The game is on.

Be on the watch.

preview not available

All outfit designed using T-shirt designed app, pixel Lab and photo collage.

Header designed by me.

My badge . My pride



Minahil Khan
02 Apr

Wow dear
All t-shirts looks adorable ,
it really looks amazing
My best wishes with you dear ✌️😇
Hopeyou'll acheive success


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Awn awn.

Thanks for the kind words and wishes.

Which is your favorite 🤗


Hasnain Khan
02 Apr

You should be designer in real life also and seem the same also.

What is cause but done nicely and too perfectly.

I will suggest you should be game's dress designer by Uptrennd game administration.


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Awn awn.

Thanks so much for the kind words.. really means alot.

I hope the judges and other GAMIZENs like it.

Thanks so much for the wishes


M- AhmAd
02 Apr

These all are looking something bigger and bigger.  Amazing efforts


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Thanks so much for the kind words.

Glad you like it.

Uptrennd city game getting more fun


Gohar Ali
02 Apr

I like it that you don't add too much pictures in your game uniform, you make beautiful and real sports shirts. 


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Very well..glad you like it.

I feel loved to know you like my work.

Wish me luck mate


Magdalene Dan
02 Apr

Awwww this designs are stunning dear.

I'm really drawn to the t-shirts coz they're amazing. 

Thumbs up.


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Thank you dear.

I'm glad you like it.

Gave my best to it







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