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OutDoor #GroVid20 Update

It's Been A Long Few Months

Being inside is not a big thing, until you are forced to be. I never noticed how many little errands a week I make. Or how many times I need to go to the grocery, fruits and vegetable market, or other errands, until I was told to shut down and self quarantine. No worries, I'll simply stay at home.

Well, I learned one thing: I am not good at not going outside. I grabbed a bunch of flowers and plants for my wife, to fill in flower gardens, and flower pots. I bring them outside for daily sunshine, and inside at night with the freezing cold temperatures.

I also learned another thing: I can finally grow from seed, instead of buying someone else's plants. So, I planted my indoor garden under grow lights and started some seeds. So far, I have had success with planting these seeds: Tomatos, Peppers, Cucumber, Zucchini, Peas, Basil (two kinds), Oregano (two kinds), Thyme, Sage, and Rosemary. Also, growing a couple of special Mint plants.

Not only these plants are growing inside, to be planted outdoors, but, I started some plantings outside. In mid March, I planted 2 kinds of potato. Above, three of the four potato in this box are coming up. (the third is hard to see, it's tiny!) More recently, I planted some lettuce, spinach, carrots, oregano, and some peas.

Above is the newly germinated spinach! Also, tough to spot, so, I did not grab an image, but the first of the lettuce is visible! The image below, of tomato and pepper plants, is a reminder that, the nightshades (tomato pepper, and eggplant are all nightshade family of plants) are in trays, and go outside daily, for 6-10 hours of sunlight a day, depending on winds and temperatures. Tonight is our last projected cold overnight. Temps may dip to just above 40ºF (a bit above 0ºC). Tomorrow night, the tomato will spend the night outside overnight, and also Friday night. Saturday will most likely be the day for planting them outside. Some time Monday will probably be the day for overnights for pepper plants, with planting around Wednesday outside.

...Stay Tuned, for more updates, on the Tomato, Pepper, Zucchini, Carrot, Potato, Peas, Corn and Pumpkin. 
Also, herbs such as oregano (two kinds), basil (2 kinds), sage, thyme, tarragon, and more!

Another Uptrennd #GroVid20

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In coming posts, I will update my garden plans and show you progress


I am planting 3 kinds of tomato, 2 kinds of potato, carrots, cucumber, peas, corn, and a few kinds of lettuce, and in the early fall, I am planting Brussels Sprouts. Also, I usually plant herbs, too. Right now, I have oregano, parsley, and basil growing inside for cooking. Outside, I have a mint plan my grandfather brought over from Greece, when he came to America in the 1920's. 

I have a cutting growing indoors, too, from his plant.

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Diya Kiani
13 May

GOod jOb ..   planting at hOme is beneficial .. u cAn get heAlthy fruits n vegtable home and it's also money sAver .. keep it up ..


Bluefin Studios
13 May

thank you
I enjoy it and consider it helpful for family and my food.


Noor Ul Ain
13 May

You are gowing many useful vegetables at home, that is very cool, no doubt gardening is the best hobby, and you feel like plants as your friends.

Very well work 👍


Bluefin Studios
13 May

I really enjoy it. I have been growing my vegetables for a few years now. Excited to keep on trying them.


Noor Ul Ain
13 May

Give the more pictures when they grow up.


Janifer Janifer
13 May

Wao i really this 😍 because my favorite  hobby is gardness 😍 i like your hard working i appreciate you 👌🌱


Bluefin Studios
13 May

I have learned, Patience and Hard work for gardening is important.


Syed Ali Hussain
13 May

Gardening is a good hobby and the greenery is very necessary for human health... The plants and tree decrease the pollution and increase the pleasant climate... Therefore your work is very good i really encourage u..... 


Hira Mani
13 May

Good morning

Wao it's really amazing and mind blowing


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