I have always wanted to capture alike snaps where angle plays vitals role and after bunch of efforts I made it YAY!! 


It's quite normal when we have a closer look of anything we just see it differently, to the viewers it maybe a dead leaf but it carries a huge message of "Humanity" which is dead nowadays. We so called "Human" are only labeled in the category but we don't deserved it be called as human. We do all negative things which even know its not good. We do cut our generations by cutting trees and expecting things will work in out waves. Many controversies are these that nature is healing itself by imposing "COVID-19" to us so it's get greener again but we won't resist to do such cruelty again. 


Guess the "Tree Name" of this leaf and win some 1UP let's have some fun with this photography! 

Hint: It yeilds a fruit 

© N A V E E D A H M E D 



Ayyat Fatima
16 Dec

its so perfect , clicking at the rest moment ..,,

no doubt , the world is devoiding of humanity now a days and we people are not caring for it much ..

well about the fruit name hmm hmm , not sure but guessed it of (Jamun) tree...

I dont know ts english otherwise wrote it😂


preview not available Navi .
16 Dec

Ops! Sorry I missed your comments appeared after Sajal's. You're a winner too :) 

It's Black Plum, Java Plum in English

Navi has donated 10 points to Ayyat Fatima 1 month ago


Ayyat Fatima
16 Dec

wrote before sajal😁never mind , thanks for the tips 


ifeoma enudu
16 Dec

Humans has lost all sense of humanity with the careless act of wickedness to nature.

Not a clue on thre tree name of the leaf. But I know is a dry leaf lying neatly on a  ground which is bound to be blown away to a different location anytime soon by the winter brezze.

Wonderfull photography skill.


Sajal Munir
16 Dec

Your photography is just superb.marvellous click.

You come again with such amazing shots.

I do not know the name eventually but hope so my guess is right so I think it is tree of jamun.

Hope for the best.

Navi has donated 10 points to Sajal Munir 1 month ago


preview not available Navi .
16 Dec

We have a Winner "SAJAL MUNIR

Its a "Jamun Tree" also know as Black Plum, Java Plum 🤠😎


Essa sherazi
16 Dec

Sir, your photography is very good. I appreciate your photography and your writing. We should plant trees instead of cutting them down because trees are very useful to us. Trees give us fresh oxygen.

And this leaf looks to me like jamun


Ifeanyi Obasi
16 Dec

Mango fruit??

Hope am right. 

We all will die one day, but we are fastening this process by hurting nature.

Deforestation has a huge impact on the enviroment and atmosphere... When we keep losing those trees, we keep losing Oxygen in large volumes... 

Let's protect nature for its the only home we've got🥂


preview not available Navi .
16 Dec

Totally agreed 🤝 👍 

Wrong guess 😅


Ifeanyi Obasi
16 Dec

Aghh!!! Ok no.p

Let's see who gets the correct option🥂







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