Our national sport

Our national sport is hockey

Assalam o alaikam to all hope you all are  well enjoining 2up toady I am talking about our national sport..

Exercise and sports are very important to keep the body healthy.  The development and prosperity of a society in which playgrounds are perpetuated is assured. That is why the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle said that a healthy body is a healthy mind.

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  Thus, many sports are played in our country in which cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, cane and table tennis are more prominent but our national sport is hockey.

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 The game of hockey became popular in the 19th century. The Olympic Games of 1908 and 1940 included the sport of hockey. Since 1968, it has been included in every tournament of the Olympic Games.  And France in the Middle Ages, but modern hockey became popular in Britain.  Wherever the British army occupied, it introduced the game of hockey.  By the middle of the 19th century, it was considered a popular sport in Europe. In 1952, it was included in the Asian Games. The first match of these games was played in New Delhi, India. Due to the popularity of hockey at the international level,  WorldCup started.

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 Pakistan remained prominent in the field of hockey.  The Pakistan hockey team has won the Olympic title three times and won the World Hockey Tournament four times, which is a record.  Pakistan is also credited with introducing the Hockey Champions Trophy.  Which began in 1957.  Pakistani players have been beating the hearts of hockey fans.  There was a time c.  The Pakistan hockey team was considered invincible.  The style and performance of Pakistani players was commendable.  Khanif Mohammad, Shahbaz, Kaleemullah, Samiullah, Hassan Sardar, Qazi Mohib and Shahbaz Jr. were famous Pakistani players.

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Among the current players, Sohail Abbas's performance is very significant.  The Pakistan Hockey Federation was established in 1958 to organize and promote the game of hockey in Pakistan.  These federations encourage local hockey clubs from across the country.  The Pakistan Hockey Federation also has a women's hockey team.  Pakistan's women's hockey team has participated in several international matches.

 The Pakistan hockey team was at its peak in the 1980s.  It would not be out of place to call it the golden age of hockey in Pakistan.  This was the time when people used to gather in the stadium to watch the hockey match.  People were very fond of the game of hockey, but unfortunately, like other disciplines, hockey gradually declined. The main reasons for the decline are given below.

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1.   Lack of modern b.         facilities.

2.  Officials prefer cricket to            hockey.

3.   Kinship in the selection      of players.

4.    Lack of interest from       local clubs.

5.   Lack of government patronage.

 Every Pakistani wants hockey to regain its status as a national sport.  If hockey masters make concrete plans to promote hockey, provide players with state-of-the-art facilities of international standard, lay astroturf on hockey fields across the country, and encourage local clubs.



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Hina G
26 Jan

I like hockey very much  and the Girls who play hockey develop general physical fitness by playing a game that's fun


Muhammad Amir
26 Jan

Our national Game Hockey 

Hockey is Pakistan national Sport..

I love play game's.


Hameed khan
26 Jan

No doubt Pakistan has good history about the hickey but now a days hockey is not concentrated in our country. We must need to focus on hockey agian


fiaz karim
26 Jan

walikum salam

Hockey is our national game. unfortunately it is not famous as cricket.There was time when pakistan hockey was at its peak.but it is downfall.you have highlighted very important points of its decline. 


Khadim Hussain
26 Jan

I like soprts and games. Hockey is very interesting game. Hockey is our national game. 







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