Our greatest tool is our language

Welcome Back Fellow Trenndians

It is with great pleasure to welcome back those who followed my thread post. As stated in the previous post, this one will be about Literature. But as the title states, this is about how language gave birth to literature, which in turn gave life to our greatest tool for cooperation: Peace

Communication in itself, is an attempt to understand the next person. It is an opportunity to see things from someone else's perspective. If this is achieved is enables us to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or just an ear to listen.

Literature has given rise to ideas that has changed our reality and what we understand it to be. Even this amazing platform that we call Uptrennd would not have been possible were it not for our willingness to listen to someone else.

Look at how far our reality has changed over the years, and all this from the first person who tried saying Hello. We have even learned how to communicate with creatures of other species. We can command dogs, train lions and control birds of prey. Most would argue that animals are trained by non verbal means but our ability to understand each other helps us to understand any organism, thus we become universal in our essence. See? It is our destiny to travel the galaxies. 

With that being said, we must also heed our own warnings. We must listen to our universal danger and damage meters and assess how our interaction is going with other organisms. It is a fallacy to believe that others do not pose a threat at times. A hungry crocodile will remain dangerous even if you think he has been tamed. Because their means of communication is not sophisticated at all. Hence we are the dominant species. Our sophistication is unmatched. On this planet at least. I just hope we stay sophisticated as such. Cannot meet aliens and regress into our primitive selves. We need to set a better example to the children of the future. The question now remains as to what kind of future we would want to create?

For the final post of today's thread, we will be moving into the realm of science fiction. It is well known of the effect that science fiction has on society and how we see potential solutions to our problems. And that is where I will go with post #3, to the Science Fiction community, and oh, will I blow your mind. See you all there.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Trennding!!!

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Lubna Rao
02 Mar

Language is very necessary and importance to share our messages to other.. Without a understanding language we don't understand other opinions 


Curtis Williams
02 Mar

Interesting yes. What languages do you know currently?


Lubna Rao
02 Mar











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