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04 Mar
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Original Content and why It is the heart of Uptrennd.

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Sean Supplee 1 year ago

OC is key to driving traffic to a post, it always performs better in search engines which will end up driving a ton of extra exposure to Uptrennd which means more users and more people finding out 1UP and cryptocurrency.

Luke has donated 25 points to Sean Supplee 1 year ago

Luke Brenland 1 year ago

Top man Sean!! haha got so carried away about ideas and forgot to add this info!! haha thankfully you are here ;)

Elena Demou 1 year ago

A lot of information here, thanks Luke!

Luke Brenland 1 year ago

:D thank you Elena, great to have you with us :)

Romana Grubesic 1 year ago

This is a must read! Great explanation with examples. Bravo Luke!

Lucky Shivhare 1 year ago

Nice to read this blog.. those who want to write but keep on thinking what and how to do?

It will help them.

Luke Brenland 1 year ago

thank you mate i hope it will :)

Romana Grubesic 1 year ago

Thnx for mentioning. You made my day just great :) i relly hope people will read it, because it is in their interest to make quality posts.

Luke Brenland  1 year ago

ahh your have got some serious TA knowledge and i didnt even touch on the mining side either as i thought you would want to do a post for mining? :)

Luke Brenland  1 year ago

I know mining is your thing and you have crazy knowledge on mining so didnt want to step on your toes there haha


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