Original Content and why It is the heart of Uptrennd.

Hello Uptrenndians :D

Today i wanted to give some examples on the different ways you can create Original Content :) 

If your still Learning about the crypto space and are unsure about sharing your knowledge try not to let that stop you! 

share your thoughts as this is the only way you learn! Keep reading,watching,engaging with people on their posts and soon enough you will have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, Engaging with others will open your mind up to new ideas and will sometimes teach you things you did not know before so engagement with others is also very important as we all have things to Learn and Teach :)

This can mean many things and i will list some below for you, However Content creation and OC is about writing with your own words or creating with your own ideas. If you look back through my post, you will see sometimes the style of writing is different and the font colour will change, Add some images in with your posts that help either with breaking down your post or just the overall visual presentation. Dont worry if your post doesnt come out perfect the first time as it wont unless you have done this before.. Just stick with it and keep practicing! you will get there with time :) So always think of new ways to mix it up and add new ideas to your post, ask for feedback from people, be open to change as thats the only way you grow :)

This also means.... 

OC is key to driving traffic to a post, it always performs better in search engines which will end up driving a ton of extra exposure to Uptrennd which means more users and more people finding out 1UP and cryptocurrency. courtesy of Sean :D

1) Writing about your favourite project and the reason why you think it has potential/why you like it.

So an example could be...


On this post i wrote about Alterverse which is a game that is highly anticipated and one i am very excited to be able to play soon! it is full of potential so i decide to a do a short but informative write up on these points and what it offers :)

2) Creating Gifs or Memes about crypto or Uptrennd ;)

Example... (all credit to user easy breezy for this creation) give him a follow! :)


3)Crypto weekly updates.

Example... (This is Jeffs weekly review of the space)(some great ideas and inspirations in this post!)


4)Project Reviews.

Example.. if you are a regular when it comes to testing new projects/products that are crypto related then get them written or video reviews on here :)

This is written by user Victor Freeman! This guy puts in some serious effort and is new user too so it just shows how you can use Uptrennd to your advantage :)


5)Sharing your investment or Trading knowledge, as people always love to learn about these two!

Example of users that do this and are valued among our community areRomana Grubesic/Mrbullishsail crypto trade/Dany McGowan.

We have some serious traders with us here on Uptrennd! i can think of 6/7 off top of my head who 9/10 are always bang on the money!

Romana Profile =https://www.uptrennd.com/user/MzQ2

Mr Bullishsail crypto trade (i call him Mr B) profile =https://www.uptrennd.com/user/MTgxNQ==

Dany Mcgowan profile =https://www.uptrennd.com/user/MTIyMQ

(Hope you all dont mind me using you as examples) :)

6)If you have a crypto business or website then write/share it here :)

Example..(Jonathan has his own site and wrote a review on his blog)Great site and Great review! very detailed!


7)start/Share your Blog/Vlog.

We have many Vloggers and Bloggers here on Uptrennd! some you will know too, Like Omar,Boxmining,BitcoinBen,Wildwestcryptoshow just for some examples ;)

These are only some examples on the type of content you can use for OC and Examples of how you can achieve this too! OC must be original and can not be copy/pasted from a website or somebody else words/article.

So if you go on Cointelegraph and just copy/paste an article from there to Uptrennd, you can not mark it as OC content and the source of the article must be contributed on the post too! You can just share the link in the hyper link section but wording and contribution is always worth doing honestly! :)

However you can read this article and then write a post on it just in your wording with your thoughts :)

As you can see by this post i have edited some imagesand made some myself to add on to this post just as an example of the simple things you can do to mix up a post and make it OC worthy ;) now dont get me wrong i am far from the best content creator but i love to share my thoughts and teach where ever i can but at the same time i love to learn! I hope to give some inspiration to the users who are not 100% sure on sharing their thoughts or experiences..

If your new to the crypto space like i say just keep reading,asking questions and get involved, download a wallet, buy some BTC once you understand the basic see how it goes :) Uptrennd has great communities for learning the basics...

Educational communities:

1)https://www.uptrennd.com/community-listing/MTU=(Intro to cryptocurrency)

2)https://www.uptrennd.com/community-listing/MzA= (Cryptocurrency Q&A)

3)https://www.uptrennd.com/community-listing/MjE= (Intermediate Crypto)

All these communities should help greatly in understanding Cryptocurrency and Blockchain :)

I hope this helps with some motivation and inspiration in creating OC or Putting out that first post, as you can see i am not a professional at creating content but i try my best and with time i will only get better! i have been here since the start of Jan and if you go back to my first posts you will see a huge difference!

We are a community here and we can all grow together, dont be afraid to say what you know and if your not 100% sure about what you know do not worry as we are all here to help eachother :D

Look forward to seeing peoples future content :) I personally love original content and Seeing people express their thoughts on projects they follow or are interested in!

(post Image was made by Casper Ledel)



Sean Supplee
04 Mar

OC is key to driving traffic to a post, it always performs better in search engines which will end up driving a ton of extra exposure to Uptrennd which means more users and more people finding out 1UP and cryptocurrency.

Luke has donated 25 points to Sean Supplee 1 year ago


preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

Top man Sean!! haha got so carried away about ideas and forgot to add this info!! haha thankfully you are here ;)



preview not available Elena Demou
04 Mar

A lot of information here, thanks Luke!



preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

:D thank you Elena, great to have you with us :)



preview not available Romana Grubesic
04 Mar

This is a must read! Great explanation with examples. Bravo Luke!



Lucky Shivhare
04 Mar

Nice to read this blog.. those who want to write but keep on thinking what and how to do?

It will help them.



preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

thank you mate i hope it will :)



preview not available Romana Grubesic
04 Mar

Thnx for mentioning. You made my day just great :) i relly hope people will read it, because it is in their interest to make quality posts.



preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

ahh your have got some serious TA knowledge and i didnt even touch on the mining side either as i thought you would want to do a post for mining? :)



preview not available Luke Brenland
04 Mar

I know mining is your thing and you have crazy knowledge on mining so didnt want to step on your toes there haha



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