Ontology ONT Trading: Is a Breakout Imminent?

Ontology (ONT)

I am watching ONT lately to see if there is going to be any movements that will take it outside the range it has been trading in. 

For the past 24 hours, ONT has been trading inside a narrow range of $.50 to $.54. This is increasingly narrowing recently, and the Bollinger Bands in the 1H view are coming very close together, giving us a look at a tight trading range. This could suggest that ONT will have a breakout moment to kick off 2020.

The 1D trading view shows us a similar picture over the past 2 weeks, with the Bollinger Bands staying very consistent since around Dec 12th, with a slight decrease in average daily price over that same time period.

Ontology could see a breakout in the next few days, but which way is the question. A positive scenario could put ONT up near $.62, while a breakout in a downward direction could mean a drop below the $.50 support to $.48.


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​This information is not intended as, nor should it be used as, trading advice or any form of trading suggestion. The content of this post is the authors thoughts and nothing else.



Shmily Gul
30 Dec

Happy to be part of uptrenned.

It's gives us knowledge to learn earn and distribute.

Thanks sir for updates.


Lucas S
30 Dec

Of course, glad you enjoyed the post.


MrBullishSail Crypto Trader
30 Dec

Excellent post, Lucas :), today's close has been bearish, if you get a close above 0.55 and take 0.54 as support we could have a continuation, otherwise you can still go down to 0.45, this is just a personal opinion :)


Lucas S
30 Dec

Awesome, and thanks for your opinion! Your trading knowledge and understanding of the charts far surpasses mine! Thanks for taking a look!


preview not available Luke Brenland
31 Dec

Awesome post mate and did you vote for these in the review offer?


preview not available EngrSamest .
31 Dec

Excellent review! I will watch this too


Atika Asghar
01 Jan

Excellent post good job


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