Ontology (ONT) Evens Out, Bitcoin Movement Slows Down Altcoin Markets

Looking at the markets tonight, it seems that Bitcoin has slowed for time being and most alts following suit. 

ONT in th 1H chart is seen hitting a daily high of $.73 before slumping back to the $.69 range around 11 PM EST. This is generally how alts behave around big brother Bitcoin. When Bitcoin is in a bear mood, alts decide to take a break and hide as well.

However the good news is that ONT has room to grow even if Bitcoin doesn't hold over the $8,500 mark. Looking at ONT 7 days ago, the currency was just breakIng $.54, which when compared to the current pricing at time of writing, represents an increase of 27% in one week.

This is bullish and the chance of a sustained breakout increase if BTC rises above and hold $9,000. I could be wrong, but there is a case to be made for the $.85 range being touched in the next week as well.

Image sourced from ​Binance Exchange ​​​

**This is article is not not intended as nor should it be used as investment advice. This is just the opinion of the author.**



C Belief
17 Jan

Ok noted this. This information might still be helpful


preview not available Lucas S
17 Jan

Hopefully a quick snapshot helps you see where it's at and where is been. Guessing on where it's going is the hard part.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
17 Jan

It is interesting to see the active dominace of bitcoin right now, months away from the halving, I wonder what the price will be by post-halving.


preview not available Lucas S
17 Jan

BTC dominance declined after the initial runup after the Iran incident. Now I think we will see some wealth transfer to alts.


Ogwal Frederick
17 Jan

Lucas, I have been also following ONT closely since buying some last year. I must agree with you that it really did well in the last couple days.


preview not available Lucas S
17 Jan

Yes, it's been exciting to see it, among other alts, reach some good increases. The team there is still working on getting the adoption going, and the project seems solid.


Abdul Maalik
18 Jan

this is good article ontology.this conttent is good i like it.keep it up.


preview not available etson arrantes
18 Jan

I would like to think positive and still looking for 10k level..


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