Only 9 days left to participate in the Eternal Wallet Demo Campaign!

Time flies by when you’re having fun, and we hope that is the case for our users who are actively participating in our Demo Trading Campaign! We thank all of you who are engaged and creating trading volume on the platform. Hopefully, you’ve made a healthy profit from the initially distributed (virtual) currency.

To recap, the contest runs until February 10th, 2021, which means users only have 9 days left to buy, sell, and trade on Eternal Wallet’s in-house exchange. Nevertheless, it’s still not too late to join, as there’s just as much chance for later entries to achieve the goals we have set for participants.

Goal No. 1 was to rank in the top 100 individuals by increased held balance. As we doubt you will need reminding, those lucky 100 will receive 10,000 TTT each! Although competition must be fierce, we encourage everyone to try and reach the top 100.

And even if you don’t reach the top 100, there is still Goal No. 2: increase your held balance by 10% from your initial balance. Doing so will make you eligible for receiving 1 TTT. This is a highly attainable goal and urge even those later participants to try for it.

To join in, click on the link below!:

We welcome and appreciate your participation!



Dve Harry
01 Feb

I am trying my best now to be in the top 100!! Gosh!! 10,000 is waiting for me!! Gooooo!


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