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Online Crypto Test Giveawaay!!!

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Prince Ulrich 1 week ago

This game is exciting and educational. The flaw I see is when first place winners are more than the winners of the second place, that means, the second place gets more than the first. The same with the third place. Anyways, just a thought.

This is really a great idea Jan. I love it.😍

Jan Bouda 1 week ago

Good point Prince Ulrich, there has to be added another clause which would guarantee fair distribution of awards. I will work on it. Thanks for suggestion.

Lucas S 1 week ago

Great idea!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us, and it will be a good way to help us all learn more about Uptrennd. 

I'll make sure to share this around. Uptrennd for days!

Jan Bouda 1 week ago

Thanks Lucas, I will start working on it. The purpose of it is to check and apply everything you have learned about Uptrennd.

Busola Akinlolu 1 week ago

Yippie exam time is here, this is absolutely great Jan. It's a beautiful idea and i must applaud you for even having the thought in the first place. This will definitely be fun and i look forward to it. Thank again for your thoughtful mind.

Chris Tibbits 1 week ago

I’m pretty sure I whispered in an ear or two how I’m more of a multiple choice guy and how taking the tests/quizzes only make you more knowledgeable (and get tokens)!  I feel this is a good time to show my skills (if I’m available that is🤔🥺)! Okay , thank you Admin for puttin on these “fun” events !!

Jan Bouda 1 week ago

I think I was missing my teaching job. Back to exams again, but these ones may pay 1 up tokens.

itliker Shadda 1 week ago

Wao great give ...please provide study guide...

Jan Bouda 1 week ago

Now it's been published. You can check it out.


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