One easy way to lose weight faster with eggs!

Eggs are considered to be the most important for weight loss because the protein and 4% calories in eggs help to melt all the extra body fat when the eggs are eaten regularly and in a special way. Learn today a complete diet plan in which the most important ingredient is eggs. 


Drink plain tea with 2 boiled eggs or a glass of Oranges juice for breakfast in the morning. This is the best breakfast and strong diet breakfast in this season because it does not increase body fat but melts quickly 


 Eat a cup of yogurt with two boiled eggs with a pinch of salt and use two glasses of water at the same time, this way no fat will increase but the body will be slim quickly, then it's Eat salad later.


Also, use two boiled eggs and a plate of chicken boiled in low oil for dinner.

Timing: Use this diet plan for just one week and then you will start losing weight on your own. Benefits: Eating more boiled eggs gives you fat burn because it contains essential vitamins and nutrients.

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Hameed khan
23 Jan

Oh really nice tips and effective one two.

One of my friend in the college hostel was too much fat. He used to try to loss the weight but we donot know about the medical techniques and i will tell him about this.

Eggs are two much hot due to protein


Nadia Gull
23 Jan

Waoooo ..

I need it thank you for sharing this


Funto Adetiloye
23 Jan

Wow! I will recommend your recipe to a friend who want to loose weight. Thanks for sharing Dr. Jenny.


Tayyab Ali
24 Jan

Eggs are very beneficial for our health. It helps us to reduce wait as you telling uss. Thanks for sharing it with us..


Arifa Mabood
29 Jan

Well Its so easy diet plan but That's too difficult for us specially Asians 😁 where is rotiii(wheat bread)

You know whatever we will eat but there is always a little space in our tummy for Wheat bread 😁 i made alot of diet plans blaah blaah but i can't follow that chart more than 2 days☹️


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