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On the way to 200 DAPPS.

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Whale Killers 6 days ago

Awesome read,i also like Tron,glad lot of other people find it good :)

Luke Brenland 6 days ago

Thank you mate just noticed a few spelling mistakes though! Haha it's terrible I am from greater London and Live about an hour away from the queen and my queens english is awful!! Lol

yeah mate I think Tron will do well and has alot of ambition to change how we currently use certain platforms and services! I love Justin's ambition! Lol

Casper Ledel 5 days ago

i know nothing about spelling mistakes, i'm not english cough cough

Whale Killers 6 days ago

Haha shhh,noone noticed :D yeah,they are one of the best imo,lot of ambition and potential

Romana Grubesic 6 days ago

Lol! Nobody would know you are from Big Ben city :) Also, i am waiting for more dapps info from you!

Luke Brenland  6 days ago

Haha indeed i am slowly getting back to it for sure i have neglected it for a while lol

Romana Grubesic 6 days ago

Thank you for this very informative article!

Casper Ledel 6 days ago

Well im already part of one of the Dapps https://www.twitch.tv/cryptofaucet supported by a lot of SR's including Tron europe

Luke Brenland 6 days ago

Cool! will check it out Casper, thank you mate

Casper Ledel 6 days ago

you should, its 10,000 suns for free every minute :D

Daniel Staggs 5 days ago

I think this could even be good news for ethereum to be honest. Theres a few dApps I have seen not move over to Tron but just have it also available on the Tron network. I do believe there is a goal to have it like a cross platform game so the only difference will be buying and selling assets & such stuff.

In the long run this could also attract people to the Eth network to check out dApps that are different from Trons. Should be good news all round if your in the dApp game... HaHa! See what I did there!

Luke Brenland 5 days ago

Yeah man we already got a few cross platform games across tron eth and eos, that 0xwarriors is cross network.

Haha I did see what you done there! Only time will tell for sure! It's good to speculate though.

Daniel Staggs 5 days ago


I'm hoping it's going to be almost like sony/Microsoft & Nintendo. Different horses for different courses with the odd exclusive.

Still need to check out warriors but it looks good!

Luke Brenland  5 days ago

Can't wait for the day them three start pushing out mainstream titles that use blockchain man.

Yeah it's a fun little game does require Eth to play either


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