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Official Uptrennd Guide - How to Create the Best Referral Link Postings

Hello everyone, my name is Tiffany and I am a moderator here on Uptrennd.

This post is intended to serve as a reference for anyone who is attempting to use referral links to learn the most effective way to use them in their own written content.

You may have been guided to read this post if another moderator believed that you posted a low-value referral link in a post. If so, pleased really pay attention because we want Uptrennd to remain as positive a space as possible for cryptoc
urrency discussion, and for you to have an awesome opportunity to earn from our awesome platform.

If you take the time to create high-quality engaging information around your referral links, you will convert more user's as referrals, while also still providing value to users on Uptrennd which will result in significantly greater feedback to your posts. (More Upvotes is better winkyes)

The topics specifically covered will be:

- The 
Pros and Cons of Referral links.

- Naked Referral Link Posting - A Damaging Behavior to Avoid.

- How to Provide Value While Increasing Referral Success

- How to Embed Your Referral Links to Make Them More Conspicuous/Hidden.

The Pro's and Con's of Referral Links

Referral links have a little bit of a tainted image among crypto communities. Because of this, the posting of referral links is typically against the rules in many Cryptocurrency groups on Facebook & Telegram and is looked down upon on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord, & Reddit. Many users may find themselves banned without warning from such groups and wondering what exactly they did wrong. Referral links on their own are not an inherently bad thing...

*It is the way most people attempt to use these referral links that give them a bad rap!

Referral links are a very effective marketing tactic for projects to grow awareness of a new platform by incentivizing users to invite others to sign up. Effective use of these links can create a great opportunity to earn additional income for Podcasts, Websites, Blogs, Content creators, & Youtube Channels. However many people abuse referral links and the end result of these individual's bad behavior is an abundance of spam. When there are too many low-value postings taking up the precious space in a community, the average post quality of a community decreases. Left unchecked, the quality of an entire community can be harmed significantly, and users often will move on to other more valuable communities.


Naked Referral Link Posting - A Damaging Behavior to Avoid.

The most commonly looked down upon tactic that users do with referral links that causes frustration in the space is what is called ‘Naked Referral Link’ spamming. This is when a user posts their referral link alone either with minimal or no supporting information about the very platform/project a user is attempting to convert other users to try.

This can be seen as a selfish, lazy, & likely disrespectful behavior towards the community itself. This is because essentially the user wants to use the community for their own personal gain by spamming the platform without themselves actually providing any value to the community they posted the link in.

A community is a give and take environment in which a user contributes information or value, and value is received back in the form of valuable discussion (Or upvotes on Uptrennd).

A user posting a naked referral link is essentially attempting to steal value from a community without giving back, and the post itself becomes like trash on the ground which makes the overall area seem lower quality.

The most likely response from the community is to downvote this type of content which penalizes the user's Uptrennd balance. This type of post also will likely lead to people who have followed you to unfollow you lowering the chances of your content being seen by them in the future.

I don't know about you, but in real life, if I have a friend that is continuously trying to take from me and use me for what I have without giving anything back...I very quickly end such a friendship and move on...Uptrennd is no different. You get back what you put in...Provide value and you'll receive value back. People want to engage with quality content.

How to Provide Value While Increasing Referral Outcomes

The best way to provide value whilst also using a referral link is to provide valuable insight into the project/platform in which you are referring users to use. A detailed personal review allows users to save time and gives an idea about the benefits someone could receive if they did sign up.

When you put significant effort into your post, you are much more likely to receive significantly more upvotes (more money!!!) which will further increase the visibility of your posts and increase the chance of securing referrals. laugh

If your posts do provide significant value, a user may follow you which only serves to give your future posts more visibility. You will get far more out of this platform when you put more effort into providing value. If your confused about what to say about the platform/project that you are reviewing...Imagine yourself if you knew nothing about the platform and you had someone to ask questions to before even testing it out, answer those questions in detail from your own thoughts. I'll provide some example questions to consider using in a review.

Questions to answer in your post:

- What problem does the project/platform hope to solve?

- Why would the user want to use the project/platform?

-How long ago did the platform launch?

-What should the user hope to gain from using the platform or product?

-What are the pro’s & cons of the platform versus competition alternatives?

How to Embed Your Referral Links to Make Them More Conspicuous/Hidden

The final step to a successful referral link post is to hide that pesky referral link so that it isn't so blatantly obvious anymore that it is a referral link. This is done via HREF tags.

HREF stands for hypertext reference.
A HREF tag has two components: the URL, which is the actual link, and the clickable link which is called the 'anchor text'.

The clickable link can be customized to say anything you want it to say, and once clicked, it will send a user through using the referral link. This link will be significantly shorter and be much more visually pleasing than a long-form referral link that is just copied and pasted. You can also create clickable pictures/GIF's/buttons instead of text if you want to go above and beyond.

For example, my referral link for Uptrennd is:https://www.uptrennd.com/signup/MTIw.

A user reading this post would have to copy and paste that link into their browser in order to sign up which is an inconvenience, and a user may identify the link as a referral link and not want to use it.

If I use a 
href tag, however... the following is my new link:

Click Here to sign up for Uptrennd.

If you want to create a href tag, you can use the following command:

<a href="url">link text</a>

1) Copy and paste the whole line above.

2)Replace the text in between the quotations that 
says "URL" with your referral link.

3) Replace the text that says 'link text' with what you want your clickable link to say.

You can also make it so that upon clicking the link that the link opens in a new window. Use the following command in order to make this happen.

'<a href="url"target="_blank">link text</a>'


An easier way to generate these links to use a Generator. This Website has a generator to help you create links and also goes into greater detail about all the other ways you can embed links. You can set up a link so that it is a clickable image, GIF, various different colors of text, different color when hovering over the link, etc.

- Use this picture to assist you in using the link generator.yes

- Keep in mind that the drop down for 'target-new' gives you options to have the link open in a new tab or a window.

- You can also embed links in this way when writing articles also which serves as a great way to link to other articles or other supporting data that you found while doing research on the topic.

- You can also use this to back-link to your prior written articles that relate to the topic to provide additional detail and traffic to those older posts.

In conclusion, If you take the time to incorporate all the knowledge from this post when constructing your own posts for Uptrennd...Your posts will have a significantly higher perceived value and will stand out against all the other user's postings that didn't go so far. This will most likely translate into increased earnings for your efforts by means of upvotes and also a higher percentage of users that view your post will likely end up becoming referrals.

Thank-you to everyone for taking the time to read my guide. I hope you gained a lot of insight from this post, and that this can h
elp you to find far greater success on the Uptrennd platform due to these new insights. You can definitely use this knowledge outside of Uptrennd also to find numerous benefits that will make your marketing posts much more successful. I can guarantee that the community and especially the moderators will appreciate your efforts to post higher quality content to the platform.

Feel free to follow me here on Uptrennd, and on Twitter to see my other Crypto-related postings.

- Crypto Unicorn



Nathan Kaytar
06 Mar

Wow! Monster post! You must of really put in some hours on this one.. great work tiffany!

Keep it 1UP


Tiffany Gyles
06 Mar

Now to sort out all the formatting issues haha.


Tiffany Gyles
06 Mar

Alright, things are looking a lot cleaner now. 


Lavanya Lakshman
06 Mar

Amazing post, lot of hard work you put in this post. 

But can I know in mobile how we create like that Referrel links??

If you know share with us


Tiffany Gyles
06 Mar

You can use the same generator I mentioned on mobile, but it's going to be a bit more tedious, but definitely still possible. I am sure there's apps on mobile that'd make generating the HREF tag a lot easier to copy and paste.


Lavanya Lakshman
06 Mar

OK I check it soon 


Tony B
06 Mar

Fantastic post!

It is pretty tough to do a lot of the formatting when on mobile. Would be nice if that part can be fixed in the future updates.


Tiffany Gyles
06 Mar

Haha trying to do this post on mobile would be quite the challenge. I actually wrote the first draft on my phone, but embedding all the photos just right, Idk how feasible that'd be on mobile.


Charles Fuchs - STACKIN
06 Mar

This is awesome Tiffany!! I will have to wait a week til' I get my referral link approved... I'm going to go "Ham" introducing UpTrennd to the crypto community! :)


Tiffany Gyles
06 Mar

Awesome Charles, yeah we've been growing at a pretty great pace. It's definitely exciting :D


Sean Supplee
06 Mar

Beautiful! It kind of sucks for me though I had access to my affiliate links since yesterday. Now it tells me I have to be here for two weeks before I can access the page again :( *sigh*


Tiffany Gyles
07 Mar

It's because we started getting an influx of low-quality users that were being referred, so they put a level requirement on getting the referral link in hopes that we can have higher quality user's pushing for referrals. 







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