Offering my astrology consultation services in exchange for a cryptocurrency of your choice

Good day Uptrenndians, I have been an astrologer for thirty years, since taking my first courses as a teenager, and now that I’ve become a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I’m offering my services in exchange for crypto. My astrology consultancy will be able to provide you with a comprehensive personal character analysis, including insights into your strengths and weaknesses. And you will be able to look at your horoscope or birth chart as if you were looking into a mirror. Now is the best time to find out who you really are.

I have had enough positive feedback and success over the years of analysing character to know that there is great benefit for you in finding out about your nature based on your astrology birth chart. All that you need to unlock the mystery and read the code which is hidden in your birth chart, is your time, date and place of birth. These are crucial sets of data to plot the map of the heavens at the very moment of your birth. 

In previous ages, kings and rulers would have personal court astrologers, who would usually be priests or doctors. Throughout the Middle Ages the alchemists and astronomers were also astrologers and the art was highly respected. Since the modern age, society has become more science-based and has discarded astrology to a certain degree, but there are enough reference books around to educate yourself if you are interested in the subject. 

In the Middle Ages the best astrologers were from Arabia. They taught the Europeans much of their wisdom. Before that though, the Arabians received much of the science of astrology from the priests of India, where it has been practiced for thousands of years. Even today an Indian family will have their child’s horoscope drawn up at birth. Also all pious families will consult an astrologer to find compatible potential marriage partners for their kids. 

All of this information is still available – from personality analysis to partnership compatibility, and even future predictions concerning the upcoming cycles in your personal journey through life. I can offer you all of these services based on the three crucial data points of your time, date and place of birth. And where a usual fee would be in fiat currency, I am most happy to trade for cryptocurrency instead.

Normally I just need a week or so to compile your chart and write up a 20 page analysis for you, for which I ask $35, or the equivalent in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency of your choice, as long as I have a wallet address to receive the transaction. My fees are open to negotiation and you can also be quite specific if you need certain more detailed info on a certain part of your life or personality, like career or health or relationships. I can focus on those departments, or you can receive a comprehensive overall synopsis of your personality type based on your birth data. 

Astrology, like cryptocurrency trading – my other favorite pastime involving charts and graphs – is all about timing and cycles. The ability for pattern recognition is invaluable, as well as predicting the future trends based on past cycles. Drop me a DM personal message and I will be happy to discuss the process further. Or just send me your three data points of time, date and place of birth, and I can begin compiling your horoscope reading for you. 



preview not available Betty Ozemoje
28 Feb

Wait! you mean you could tell about who I am, my strength and weakness if you have my place of birth and date? How does it work? 


Julescape Crypto
28 Feb

Yes Betty, by using the art of astrology, which goes back thousands of years, I can look at the map of the positions of the planets and moon in the heavens at the time of your birth, and by deciphering those positions I can give you details about your personality.

It's an art and not to be seen as a science, but you'll be amazed at the insight you can gain from it. It's based on the divisions of the heavens into zodiac regions, based on astronomical constellations as well as the cyclic movements of the planet through those constellations, from information written down thousands of years ago.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
03 Mar

Wow I never knew this. I as Christian I rely on getting revelation through studying the bible. There are things that just remain a mistery but work with believe. 







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