Information Technology

Information Technology is a technology which uses computer (of different kinds) to gather, process, store, protect and transfer information. It is also known as information communication technology which is any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate and or disseminate information. It is also known to be technology that also merges computing with high speed communication link, which carries data in form of files, sound and video. This links could be established electron-magnetic or optical devices and system for a long distance communication. 

Effect of Information Technology (IT)

Information communication has a very strong effect or impact in every work of life. These attracted many students and professionals to the field of Information Technology. 

The following are the effect of Information Technology in some of the underlisted field;

  1. Government: Development in Information and Technology have been helping the government of different countries to improve their services to their citizens. The use of data base technology has enabled government of various countries to gather and monitor statistical information that can be used to combate fraud, manage the economy in a more informed way. Information Technology has also impacted on defense capacity of government. These covers government capability to wage war and their intelligence gathering capacity. It has also contributed in the advancement of the weapon technologies. It has also helped in the protection of people. 

  2. Commercial Businesses: Information Technology has influenced busineses in several ways. The most importance of its effect is the provision of commercial advantage (advertisement, public awareness). In Information Technology, Technologies like computer aided design, relational data base, spreadsheets and word processing softwares all provide commercial benefits to businesses, as it does in the automation of manufacturing processes. 

  3. News and Media organizations: News and media now have more access to more people, they have wider audience, the audience however have a wider global choice. News report can be received which highlight many different sides of international conflict that was possible before. The relative cheapness of being able to publish information accessible any where in the world. 

  4. Educational Organization: The available technology today, has made a wealth of knowledge for students, which offers a great potential for the speed and style of learning. Information is presented in many ways that any type of learner whether gifted or disabled can find and use the necessary materials. With e-learning platforms, the knowledge therein is made available for all who have areas without discrimination. 







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