Numio is Solving the Ethereum Gas Fee Crisis and Establishing a Sybil-Resistant Solution

I had the great pleasure recently to sit down with Scott Cunningham to talk about Numio, and what we are building to solve this scalability crisis on Ethereum. 

Our product enables for 2,000 TPS, and all of the security benefits of the Ethereum mainnet through OCDA (On-chain data availability), which is using a technology called zkRollups. The rollup implementation we are using is developed by zkSync, which is becoming the general computation layer for Ethereum.

We also are creating a centerpiece for sybil-resistance around digital identities in Web 3.0. At the moment we are doing this from the top-bottom. For identity verification, we have been working with the PhoenixDAO team around this concept, and I'm pretty excited to see that space move forward.

Below is the video of myself and Scott. Feel free to tune in, and see what we have to say! Hopefully you learn something new. 

If you're interested in reading more about Ethereum scaling, I have published two articles for you to digest everything you need to know about Ethereum scaling. Let me know your thoughts, and hope you enjoy! Most importantly, I hope you are able to learn something new through this conversation. 



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EngrSamest .
24 Feb

It's awesome to see Numio App settling the crazy gas fee on ethereum blockchain, I've make use of this App and I see difference.

Nice with reduction in gas fee.


preview not available Mark Anstead
24 Feb

It's 1/100 of the price of the mainnet... but alllll the security! You can't beat it.


preview not available Bill White
02 Mar

Have you been able to send to an external wallet? Because I have tried many times and can't send anything, other than another Numio wallet. Although haven't tried that, so I'm not sure if it's working 😄


EngrSamest .
03 Mar

Import your ERC20 wallet and try it for yourself lol


preview not available Mark Anstead
17 Mar

Hey Bill! I've been absolutely swamped with things and haven't had the chance to get back to you on this inquiry, so I apologize for the delay.

Currently, you can't send to *any* Ethereum address, but this will be coming in an upcoming release of the app. At the moment it is just Numio-ID's on L2. We want you to have that freedom and you should with any open financial product. Stay tuned!


preview not available St3v3 T88888
25 Feb

Working great, i love the fact of how easy it is to navigate and use


preview not available Mark Anstead
25 Feb

Thank you for your support! 


27 Feb

Great Work.. Wonderful job Dear, God bless you and Best wishes for you.


Mansoor Hayat
02 Mar

Wao its great. 

I will must use thus app and enjoy it. I hope it will be good.


asma noor
03 Mar

It's top notch to see Numio App settling the crazy fuel fee on ethereum blockchain, I've employ this App and I see difference.

Nice with discount in fuel rate.







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