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now i am in my new project.

Dear friends today i am very happy coz today i made a new home made A/C. i am a solar engineer. long time i was so far from my activity about solar. but one pain make me inspire again to do work with solar project. my A/C working 100% like 2ton other general A/C. but my A/C is run with D/C volt. it is 3 in one A/C. 

1. It run with A/C volt.

2. It run with Battery 12volt.

3. It run also solar system.

it has two way cooling system. one of i use here peltier. and second is i use water/ice cooling system. it is portable. and long run/ more longevity/more life time. 

battery back up time is 15 hours. price is very low.

Dear friends it is my pilot project. if i success this project i invest more man power. all time i wish employed more people and engage with my team. plz pray for me.



Alagbe Adeniyi
04 May


Your engineering work is so superb..

Nice work on that


Abdur Razzaq
04 May

Battery timings outstanding.

I think I should place an order. Please tell me if you succeed in this pilot project


Jonathan Rojas
04 May

I want to learn about what you do, it is wonderful, ¿Where can I have continuous communication with you? You have done a spectacular job, God gave you the wisdom, I love it after having seen your creation of this air conditioner.

¿I imagine that the materials are very special and specific, to be able to find them? Besides that, ¿Are they expensive? 🙌😱💪


Muhammad Uzair Mehmood Minhas
04 May

it is looking nice i hope it will work great


Shehryar khan
04 May

Best wishes for you dear,may Allah almighty protect you from the evil eyes. ....







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