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.I’ve often heard people say they’re imperfect or their life is not as perfect as somebody else’s, whereas the truth is perfection doesn’t exist, .




Should you spend your time remembering how good the time or life of other people is? Will you waste your time worrying about it? No matter how much you think about this, things are never going to be the way you want, what’s meant to happen will happen it’s up-to you how you’re going to perceive things, spend your life thinking about the negative things or accepting the negative as a part of your life, sometimes you procrastinate certain things because you don't know how they'll turn out? you are unwilling to call something "done" until it's perfect? it's adding unnecessary stress to your life. .





What this means is that, even when we aim for this vision of perfection, we are trapped and frozen, always. Ultimately, we don't complete something. We 're not getting to the point because we are so worried we 're never starting to make something perfect. 

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preview not available Skyway Poster
13 Apr

Absolutely no person or thing would necessarily be considered as perfect  in this world.

We can say that it may be dependent on circumstances.

There must be some flaw in everything. 

But it also depends on the condition of the person and what condition he is going through.


Suman Naz
13 Apr

There is no person in life who is perfect.There is definitely a flaw in every human being.Nothing happens according to our own wish, but we have to accept them as circumstances occur.


Ayat Fatima
13 Apr

Exactly no one is perfect everyone has some good or bad habits we don't have to criticize any one because we are also not perfect we have done alots of mistakes and our life is not perfect


preview not available Kong .
13 Apr

My o my, no perfections, but we can try to always give in our best in all we do. Cheers


Chidiebere Nze
13 Apr

When you feel down about your imperfections. Always have it at the back of your mind that No One! is Perfect.


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