My friend was suppose to come late to work as usual, but he came early which happened to be unlike him. I asked him to tell me the way he did it that made him come to work so early. Do you know what he said? I got a vehicle by chance. 

Now, if we explain this in details, everyone will see that his early arrival is not by chance.

In life, something can cause something to happen or else life will not move on. Life is simple when there is togetherness but tough when there is divided. 

Where you are today does not just come by chance but through someone or something. Many people are one way or the other looking for work but yet unable to find one. In the case of looking for one, someone might give him or her a perfect idea to can make him or her become the kind of person he once dreamt of. 

Anything you want to do at all cannot happen by chance but must happen through someone or something. This is the major reason we must always believe in ourselves. 

A man ones said that he is going to be a father whereas he is not the one who is to give birth to that baby but his wife. And without the man, the wife will not be pregnant. 

You are going to school must be with all seriousness and hard-working. If you do not have the mind of going to school, you can just try but will not make out what you are expecting. Can you go to school without readiness and resources? The answer is original no. 

So, just have it in mind that nothing happened by chance.

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Hasnain Khan
07 Mar

Of course nothing happens by chance but there is a reason behind everything happening. If we intend to do something and do nothing in practice then we cannot move forward because there is something to move forward in this life.  Must do


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
07 Mar

Nothing actually happened by chance it happens because you are willing to make it happen and you put in effort and not the other way round.


Cherry Harryianne
07 Mar

[email protected] Julius Sir, True, like what I have discussed in my UU assignment, "Life has been written just before it started" everything happened was not by chance it was destined to happen for a certain reason and dictated by our own will too.. along with the wisdom that God shared to us! 

Nice thoughts!

Blessed Morning!😇


Jeremiah Akpabio
07 Mar

Everything that happened to humans were already predestined by our creator. So if you hit success today it is not by chance because you were destined to be a success at that time and that moment.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
08 Mar

So true.

Nothing happens by chance . Everything has its own impact on our life and its own purpose. Some things teach us life lessons that guide us throughout the life. Everything that happens in our life has some specific reasons for it to which some things are bound. 

The things that happen to you are already written in fate thats why Almighty give us hope and strength for it.







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