Notable Speakers In Africa As Binance Turns 3

In 2017 Binance exchange started the journey and the celebration of the three years is just at the corner as Binance confirmed notable guest speakers from Africa.

As crypto in Africa continues to experience growth it becomes a central focus for all major crypto and blockchain projects and Africa crypto enthusiasts did not relevant in bringing ideas and innovations that increases crypto adoption within the continent.

The first notable speaker as Binance turns 3 is Akon who is the Chairman & Co-Founder, Akoin.

Featuring Speakers from Africa

1. Chuta Chimezia - Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG)

2. Yele Bademosi - CEO, Bundle Africa

3. Senator Ihenyen - Lead Partner, Infusion Lawyers

4. Ogueke - Chief Business Officer, YellowCard Financial

5. Eugene Mutai - Chief Technical Officer, Raise

6. Sonya Kuhnel - COO, Xago & Co-Founder, Bitcoin Events & Blockchain Academy

The Binance team has been one of the blockchain organizations increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency in the world through education with a clear understanding of how digital exchange works. Changpeny Zhao spread his reach to Africa knowing that the continent is filled with a vibrant youth and with his team, they have funded about five crypto startups within the continent in which Bundle Africa is the most recent.

Binance is popular within Nigerians, Kenyan, and South Africans because of easy crypto exchange for local currencies. As Binance turns 3, the notable crypto/blockchain enthusiasts in Africa that have contributed to the growth and adoption in one way or the other will receive an honorary award that will grace their name.

Date: 14th July 2020

Venue: Online Event (Register Here)

Time: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM (UTC)

Crypto In Africa Is Growing!

See You There!



Olasunkanmi Ayantuga
12 Jul

I saw it on my mailbox and I have applied already. 


preview not available Adelan o
12 Jul

I am so registering for this ASAP, I love Binance and what they bring to  exchange and crypto space.

Thanks Samest for this information.

Cheers 🧔


masoom Asma
12 Jul

Yes I'm like tha posts 


Pa3ck Soft
12 Jul

Congratulations to binance exchange 

I am so going to register for this


elsa Varela
12 Jul

Good crypto exchanger to all Africans doing job online joining binance today to exchange my coins


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