Myself, I lost

My eyes, blinded by my affections

And the mirage of the ones you so falsely professed

Trapped in love, I became

When I only ever needed to live therein

My sanity, daily slipped through my fingers

Bits by bits, until little was left

You took all the pieces of me you craved

Leaving me, an empty shell

Who knew cannibals still exist?

Then one morning i awoke

Unable to recognise the girl in the mirror

The girl I never really knew

Whose strength I never really realised

Now a mere shadow, hovering in darkness

In that moment I decided

Se finis

I found her first

Harnessed that inner power

Broke free from the clutches of fake affections

Loosened the contraptions of disrespect

Discarded the robes of disregard

Crushed the incessant hurts

I have no regrets for the past

Just gratitude

The clay came crashing down

But bricks swiftly took it's place 

These scare have made me

Pure, refined gold

Make no mistake

I'm not the girl you used to know

In your fire, I burned

From my ashes, I rose

And when I saw the beauty I was

Like a phoenix

I soared.


Zizymena creation​​​ 



Atanda Davido
26 Nov

You are not the girl I used to know, you are now like a fierce lion,you are the shadow of yourself, I think I lost you long ago, but I know one day you will realized how the best I want you to be.


Zizy Mena
26 Nov

When you don't cherish what you have and treat it right, you are bound to lose it and they always end up being better off without you 


Atanda Davido
26 Nov

Very true, but why we must regret instead of treating them right is still a mystery to me.


Adegbe Gift
26 Nov

Nice poem, l'm not who you use to know before, l'm now full of wisdom and discernment, no one will play me again, I have learnt from my past

It happens that someone you think truly loves you was never really in love, was just player who professed empty promises at the end it you will be left with nothing, but a shattered life, looking like you have become empty, left with nothing, but in all someone must learn to be strong and move on, atleast it should serve as a lesson never to be fool again.


Zizy Mena
26 Nov

You have given a beautiful interpretation of the poem. It shows you truly understand it 


Wajiha Fawad
26 Nov


While reading i realized, it's just like my own story,  in teenage we do make mistakes by trusting someone who was never loyal,  obviously it hurts when someone leaves betraying us that completely break our hearts..

It really changes us and we can never be the same.. 

But with maturity we realize that everything happens for good,  what happened in past has made us strong today ❤💫


Zizy Mena
26 Nov

Whatever happened in the past indeed made us stronger just like the saying goes, "what doesn't break you, makes you"


Ifeanyi Obasi
26 Nov

This must be the tale of a broken heart, one that has acquired lots of lessons from life itself..

Indeed your not the girl I used to know, if you were then you have failed to learn your lessons👌

Nice poem❤


Zizy Mena
26 Nov

Interesting analysis 


ifeoma enudu
26 Nov

Nothing can be worse and deadly like a fake affection. Its full of lies and deciets.

Walking away from it, is never a thing of regret but is a bold  walk to freedom, to live again.


Zizy Mena
26 Nov

Nah! Once you find the strength to walk away from take affections, you have done yourself a whole lot of good.







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