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"Ah, good boy Timmy. You are such a good kitty.

"Come," Matt says as he walks away from the corpse he just ransacked. 

Life is not what it use to be, it is so much better Matt always thought. Things were easier somehow. It is no longer about figuring out what life means or what you wish to do in your life. It is no longer about paying rent, being in a couple or having children. "Urrrgh, children. Glad I have not seen any of those for months now." Matt told Timmy. 

"Do you remember children Timmy?" Matt asks the lynx, not expecting an answer but still gets a silent look. Matt knows he is waiting for his treat. Matt never allowed Timmy to eat from a carcass directly. He would always cut off some meat if it seemed fresh enough and feed the lynx himself.

"Well, I remember children and they were horrible things. You were lucky to live in the mountains and wild Timmy. You should have seen these breeders just popping these things out and expecting congratulations." Matt continued talking to himself. They were heading towards a mountain range in the distance Matt spotted one clear morning. Since the civil war and collapse of the world for almost everyone apart from the most wealthy, seemingly the eternal duality. There are those living in this new renegade world and then those who are able to maintain an illusion of a perfect world as they have always done. 

"...and what are we going to do about that my boy?" Matt stops and pats Timmy on the head as he cooingly whispers "We will kill everyone. Isn't that right Timmy? Hate everyone equally I always say." Scratching the lynx behind his left ear absentmindedly Matt watches shadows play at the foot of a rocky hill they are approaching. He looks up and spots some birds, then looks at the shadows again. "We might just have fresh meat today Timmy." Matt says as he double pats the lynx' back and also dashes away after Timmy. They were perfect together Matt always though. The lynx could not always kill others alone but together they were a killing machine. 

Matt heard the scream, then the gunshot. "Timmy!!!" Matt dashed towards the sound...



preview not available Lucas S
29 May

Sounds like a good excerpt from a story, is there a complete work with this? Thanks for sharing!



Not Penderis
31 May

Thanks. No, I tend to not write anything completely, I don't think I am capable of ever completing anything but I may at times come back to posts like this and continue them. 



Tiger Lily
09 Jun

I'd like to see more... but i know i'll have to wait til you get excited to do more. hahahaa

and seeing as how i'm still waiting for a continuation of the Voice...

i have a feeling i'll be waiting a long time lol



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