Not perfect but still love finds me

 True love is something you can't find easily, when you develop that special feelings for someone you can't eliminate the feelings, you will have the desire to be with that person and for a good reason, everything about that person will be beautiful in your eyes pushing you to go for it.

There are people that falls in love with someone others thinks their life is full of crinkum-crankum, if that person is truly in love there's nothing anyone will talk that will change the persons mind from loving the person his/her heart chooses because love will make the person overlook many things about the person and even embellish that person characteristics.

Only few people are lucky to have people who loves them genuinely, sometimes people who have people that truly love them doesn't even know what they have, they feel it's because they are perfect, rich or maybe attractive that's why the person sticks to them. If you have someone that loves you, treat the person like a Queen/King because finding true love isn't easy.

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Amjad Khan
10 Nov

Now a days a real lover is not found and if someone have loyal lover then they need to give them special respect because these kind of people's are very precious now a days 


Saviour Essien
10 Nov

There is no real love this day’s just value the little you see. 


Ademigoke Emmanuel
10 Nov

Nobody is perfect but that doesn't stop us from finding true love. Love is a beautiful thing when you are in love with the right person 


Anthony Eri
10 Nov

True love is rare! That's a very factual statement. When someone truly loves you, adore and value that person. Because if you treat that person bad, and he or she walks away from your life, you might not find true love ever again except by the grace of God.


Kibike Sylvanus
10 Nov

That's very informative, true love is had to find these days cos of money love that takes the world today.


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