Not An Ordinary Birthday Post🎉🎉

Yes! I too have suffered bad days and yet the right things happened to me. I grew up trying to judge things right for myself. I learnt how to be patient when there is no point left to be so. Triggers at times caused me to feel like no reason is left to be alive. I felt my sanity going and as if i was mad.
Yet i spent my 25 birthdays, yes! While staying alive and going through several intervals of getting mad. In these 25 years i turned wise, i became a wife, i became a mom, i turned older at mind to think maturely. I learned the biggest thing that life is a single road that has to be walked through no matter you've companion or you are alone.
I became a wise woman out of a silly little girl who used to see her world in her parents. I have love, i have spent luxuries, i've been through all thick and thin of life. And know what? Earth tells me everytime that its "round", the point where you would start is the point where you'll meet your destiny.
 Happiness is self created and self implemented, no one makes you happy until its "you". "Cause" is the key to every happenstance, make sure you wisely opt on "causes". I am blessed to have my little loving family❤❤. My husband loves to create happiness out of my day to make me feel special. Its been 4 years of our marriage, he never misses surprising with celebrating my day❤❤.



Opeyemi Adegboye
11 Nov

Wao this is really fascinating, at 25, you're a woman already, married with a kid. I sincerely envy you. I envy your archievment. Although I'm a guy but if I were a female,. I'll love to be like you.

You're a true definition of an hardworking woman and I like your spirit, you're not like other women who depends on there husband or boyfriend to cater for them.

Happy birthday to you, many of this day to come in good health and wealth with happiness also.


Ahama Merit
11 Nov

Wow if you were a female? I can feel the high esteem you have placed her and she deserves it.

She is one of a kind and I respect her a lot.


Sajal Munir
11 Nov

Dear maam esma sid you are just my favourite and ideal here on uptrend.

Happy birthday to you dear sister.

May you live long and stay happy and blessed always.

It is very difficult to manage uptrend with the family but you are managinv this so awesomely.i am just inspired by your creativity and knowledgefull posts.

i want to write and tell about you to all girls here that you are all in one.

I want to become too much passionate and strong like you.


Princess .
11 Nov

Esma, I wish you a very happy birthday and it is a big day for you because your anniversary There is a gift of happiness for you And wish you happiness 


Hafsa K
11 Nov

Esma.. You are my ideal, you are my inspiration here. I have always been writing about how courageous you are and how passionate!! I literally get amazed how you manage everything being a mother, wife etc..

I wish you a happiest birthday and may your every wish come true..

Indeed, Happiness comes from within you and the small things you are around..💕

I'm really happy to know that you are living a life full of love with your husband and he celebrates your day..




preview not available Esma Sid
11 Nov

I love you dear Hafsa. Thankyou for this much love❤❤❤ i am really thankful to you💜💜💜


Captain Philips
11 Nov

Awwwh, this is touching. Regardless of not been a birthday post, you still desrve the very best wishes.

Happy 25th birthday Esma, wishing you many more Years of happiness and good tidings. Bless your hubby too for been a wonderful man and a father. Cheers to a beautiful wise woman and a Mom.







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