No revenge is the best revenge

Have you ever been so hurt by someone who didn't have reason to do so but they hurt you anyway?

How does it feel to be hurt and you decide to keep your cool, hoping that the offender will realize their mistakes?

Uptrennd has been my companion and best friend since the covid lockdown period, I hardly get the chance or see someone to talk to so most of the time I come here to pour out my heart on some issues bothering me... To avoid depression

I've learned so much from this platform than I even imagined. Amazing individuals bringing new knowledge each day through their posts and comments

After expressing my views on the platform about the post-election updates in the United States, a brother didn't really like my views on some issues which I pointed out in my posts so he downvoted me twice

I felt bad and felt like downvoting him back but changed my mind when I realized that the brother is a good content creator, an amazing one at that, I shielded my sword and resorted to another means of making him know he was wrong, so I wrote another article about it

As usual, uptrenndians came to comment on the post, then I noticed one comment that struck my mind like thunder, someone ended his comment by quoting "no revenge is the best revenge"

I took time to read that quote over and over again and tried to analyze it to know what the quoter had in mind, I came up with this:

1. Sometimes people hurt you without intending to, revenging will only prevent them from learning from their mistake, but if you pardon them, they'll realize their mistakes and probably see things from your perspective. If you revenge, you block all the chances and make the person an enemy

2. Not revenging gives you more peace and a sense of maturity. when you forgive you don't only free the person, you also heal your self and lighten your heart

3. When someone offends you knowingly or unknowingly, they expect you to retaliate so that they can execute their next plan. But if you choose not to revenge, you break their defenses and make them wonder why; sooner or later they'll come by and everything will be alright

There's no gain in preventing, it only brings about more damage to both parties. No wonder Albert Einstein said "An eye for an eye render the world blind"... We must learn to tolerate each other, accommodate one another and their differences. That's how the world goes round

No revenge is the best revenge

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Ishmael Kelechi
24 Jan

You have really being a man. Sometimes you do not revenge what wrong is meted to you. 


Chinedu Mbamalu
24 Jan

That's true bro, we learn new things every day. I just learnt not to revenge


Neeha Khan
25 Jan

Sometimes we are not wrong but people prove you wrong.

We must forgive them.

Maybe if you forgive someone.

Let him think and correct his mistakes


Chinedu Mbamalu
25 Jan

That's true, everybody deserves a second chance


Ogbuagu John
24 Jan

Let the world move to the point where we get to forgive others, and it will be a better place.


Rao Uzair
25 Jan

Yeah! We Learn new everyday!


Ovres C
25 Jan

Revenge re-opens and aggravates your emotional wounds. Even though you might be tempted to punish a wrong, you end up punishing yourself because you can’t heal.


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