The cultural belief of an average Yoruba man is that we should never engage in any fight or quarrel with anyone. If there is any, the offender should be the one to apologise.

​If this is suppose to be then the father should be the one to plead for forgiveness if he offended his child. A mother should be the one to plead for forgiveness if she offended her child.

​It seems reverse is the case. How will a child be the one to plead for forgiveness for his parents wrongdoing? Or don't parent know when they offend their own wards.

​Am I being egolistic as some will say it. Abeg don't mind my grammar, I was trained as an accountant. 👻👻👻

​Who should beg in case of dispute, the boss or his apprentice when the boss offend his apprentice, the father or the child when the father wronged his child and the most conflicting one, relationship.

​Who should beg in time of dispute?

Your points of view will be highly valued, feel free to use the comment section.

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Umer Abbas
12 Aug

Sometimes we have to bear some harsh words from our elders because we might be wrong in someone's thoughts while we consider ourselves to be very right. Also the respect of elders matters a lot


Abidemiademok21 M
12 Aug

Thanks so much for your contributions.

I am glad you stopped by...


Michaelo Okoli
12 Aug

Well... It's simple... The offender should apologize and plead for forgiveness.... It's not given 


Abidemiademok21 M
12 Aug

Easier said than done.

Life would have been better if we all agree to this.


Abiodun Oguntuyi
12 Aug

According to my knowledge in Yoruba culture. No matter what an elderly person may be father, mother or even one's boss. The junior is the one to say sorry, though the elders may know they are wrong.

In the real sense, anyone who is at fault should be the one to apologise


Abidemiademok21 M
12 Aug

Should we now abolish the culture of the younger one begging or both ideology should maintained.


Omoniyi Popoola
12 Aug

I have a father who begs us whenever he thinks he went overboard and I'll equally beg too afterwards. Likewise, if I'm doing something and my children are disturbing me, if I have to shout for them to keep quiet, I'm sure the boy won't talk to me as he'll tell me I shouted on him. Until I say sorry, he won't budge


Abidemiademok21 M
12 Aug

That's is how life should be. Everyone should acknowledge their fault and plead not waiting for the younger one to plead at all time.


Yusuff Ajisope
12 Aug

Yeah,to maintain a very good peace the person at fault need to beg for pardon from his opponent..but some people find it hard to say sorry attimes


Abidemiademok21 M
12 Aug

Inability to say sorry has made some relationship to end in broad day light.


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