Nigerians deserve Better

We have experience in Nigeria during the covid lockdown alot of individuals and churches gave support both in cash and in-kind to the government.

If you are in Nigeria I don't need to talk much about how all the support went, it very alarming to see that the same government who killed and stop its youthful citizens from excelling and making  impact in life is still given money and other support to give to it citizens, and the most painful part is the support churches give to the government being aware it will all end up in the hands of wicked politicians who will rather have the money burnt than give it out to the masses.

To me, I think the church and well to do individuals that want to support to help people who have been affected badly Because of the effect of covid should at this time give this aids directly to individuals and family who need it seeing that anything that enters the hands of the present government is good as damaging it, all will disappear and no one will have the courage to ask then because of fear of the unknown, a government that will arrest and detained a journalist for telling the truth, a government that will force media houses to pay millions of naira just for broadcasting the truth of an event, this government of Buhari is brutal, the shame of this Government that can not address the terrorist ie Boko Haram, their only strength is to kill, stop innovations, ban cryptocurrency, attack and detained innocent Nigerians protesting for their right, that is the only thing this government will be remembered for. we deserve better, we can't continue like this, the God of all flesh help Nigeria.




Abdul Qadir
23 Feb

bro this happen everywhere politicians and government play with there nation here condition was also same May Allah give guidance to higher ups 


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Feb

evil is just all around ,you re correct may God help us 


Lubna Rao
23 Feb

Every time new Governments makes promise and don't fulfill them and just play with the feeling of nation and always disappoint.

But no more pain. Fight for justice 


Agaga Julius
23 Feb

Churches who gave their supports have really tried but those they gave the money to see thieves who are not ready to give but to keep to themselves. 

Rendering help directly should be the best option because thieves are what we have as leaders. 


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Feb

They have really lost their respect in this generation ,the worst thing is that they dont even have shame ,if not many of them should resign


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
23 Feb

It is unfortunate that the government is only interested in its own benefits, that is why it prefers to divert the money that is donated for aid, God will take care of justice


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Feb

This evil will be wipe out soon ,God will strengthen us once again ,nothing good comes easy ,Nigeria must be great again


Ifiok Eso
23 Feb

Its time for Nigerians to rise, fight, and claim what is truly Thiers. These so called politicians can't come and ruins every thing for us..


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Feb

we move ,we must fight for survival if not they will come to our home to kill us ,let fight now by getting our pvc for the next election no OG will rule us again we are really tired of them all







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