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There's has been a recent increase in the crypto gaming apps,today I happened to have stumbled upon two. Merge Dragons and Merge Cats, these two games generate Soul tokens that are actually withdrawable into an ether 2.0 wallet. The soul tokens are generated as one plays the game of merging the dragon or merging the cats. For each 1000 soul tokens there is ~ $0.20 worth of the withdrawable tokens. it is indeed small but as the trade goes, "bit by bit till we bit em out " The games are available from the App store and the playstore.

I am willing to test try almost anything crypto but I've had my fair share of run ins with shitcoins and for that reason my approach to token I don't know is very biased.

Their website is

Telegram group : with 20K participants, it started feeling more legit. 

The soul token can be traded on binance dex, hotbit, and marcatox. Sounds rather promising but I will leave it to y'all to test the games for yourselves. 


As the games increase one kind of expects the NFTs variations to increase too. The Nonfungible Tokens are used for gaming, as unique collectibles, as Art, possibly in real estate and many other uses. The NFTs have been buzzing the newsfeed lately, under the cover of the Bitcoin bullrun. The NFTs have the potential to command real cash, with some selling for hundreds of thousands. More especially the collectibles' future usage are most likely to have supremely increasing values that can get even higher as bitcoin millionaires bid for these extremely rare NFTs. On top of being rare, the NFTs are extremely unique because of the permanent, unalterable record that describes what the specific NFT represents. Too unique to be dublicated, NFTs are not divisible they can't even be sold in bits like cryptocurrency is sold and traded in margins. For those reasons, NFTs are really in a league of their own within the digital world.

Almost anything can be represented by NFT in a digitised form. The technology behind the NFTs, Blockchain helps enshrine the ownership rights of the NFT owners, giving the owner confidence in the NFT products whenever in use. One really cool aspect of NFTs is that they can be used to digitise identity, as in all the documents like passport and qualifications, certificates can all be represented in NFTs as they are unique to the owner. To demonstrate the test value of NFTs, back in 2018 a Cryptokittie by the name of Dragon broke records at a worth of 600 Ethereum. NFTs are fast moving forward into different industries including football amongst others. 

Being new on the publish0x platform, I have observed the BANANO Republic craze on their CryptonmonKey NFTs, so rich of potassium, and freely distributed in their fast growing BANANO communities. 

Robertoit has the periodic table covered in NFTs from the elements to the compound hopefully it won't stop there. 

Feel free to comment with additional information please.


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