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New year, New hope🌸🌸

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Sadiq Raimi Adewale 6 days ago

Ma Sha Allah, may we live to see the end of the pandemic and 2021 will be  better and a year of our unending joy Insha Allah

tori_ vickii 6 days ago

I am still hopeful for the remaining part of the year and pray next year will be better.

Elixbaba O 6 days ago

Covid-19 destroyed all the plans we had for 2020

akinseye livingstone 6 days ago

It never destroyed any plan. God's purpose will still be fulfilled.

Fariha Sultan 6 days ago

always hope for the best 

we pray for it to be good year

Rogan Rochon 6 days ago

This was all necessary for the ascension of Humanity to return to God's kingdom.

We have reminded the world that we can live at a slower pace, without rushing all the time.

We have reminded each other that we need each other to stay sane and healthy.

We have become violently aware of the corruption and disease in our leadership, as plagues are wont to show. 

We have seen the possibility and necessity of universal basic income, with people craving a return to work. 

It is always darkest before the dawn, and the grief the world feels should not be diminished. Rather, it is the death that will bring us to the psychedelic renaissance of futurism as we bridge the mistranslations holding us apart from eachother. It is the despair that will remind us how crucial Love truly is. 

And it is together that we will heal our roots, so we can reach the stars in totality.







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