A new technology from Google called Google Nest Hub has features of a beefed-up speaker system based on the nest audio smart speaker. An excellent smart speaker with a decent display but, the sound quality although isn't as good as competing product from Amazon and others. Along with a raft of other feature enhancements, Google promises major improvements.

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The Google Nest Hub Speaker has a quality bass sound, shows all your compatible connected devices in one place and has a built in thread radio.

New Sleep features for better rest 

The Google Nest Hub features sleep sensing to help you understand and improve your sleep. The sleep sensing uses motion sense to analyse how the person closest to the display is sleeping based on their breathing and movement without a camera or wearable. The sleep sensing detect factors that disturb sleep such as coughing, snoring, light or temperature changes.

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The Google Nest Hub has a built-in microphone, ambient light and temperature sensor that helps you understand what's impacting your sleep. You will receive a personalized sleep summary on your screen display every morning and you can view your sleep data anytime on the nest hub by asking "Hello Google, how did I sleep?" 

Sleep sensing can be connected to your Google Fit app on iOS devices and Android so you can see your health and wellness information along with your sleep summary on your phone.

​From May 4, the Google Nest Hub will be available for $100 which can be purchased from Google store.

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Chudi Otti
09 Apr

This app really is something else; an app that is geared at improving sleep. My only annoyance is that it will be too expensive when it will be released for public use.


Maria Amjad Ali
09 Apr

You shared useful stuff...

This line, hello Google how did I sleep...its pretty good, it shows the modern technology..its awesome, we can check or see our health information. 

Thanks for sharing this. 


Shehryar khan
09 Apr

Wow such a workable and new thing you have shared, it's really new and amazing. ....


Sweet Doll
09 Apr

your information is  very intrsting helo google how did i sleep very enjyable word


Muhammad Waheed Satti
09 Apr

Informative post and as well as very appreciated to  promoting modern technology awareness.







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