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Every Instagram user will now be able to filter out abusive comments and messages they receive as part of a new update unveiled by the social Media platform.

Sporting stars and footballers that play in the English Premier League revealed widespread racist, sexist and other forms of abuse sent to them on Instagram in recent months sparking outrage.

Football clubs and a number of football players have participated in social media blackout in protest at tech firms and their policing of such content.

Instagram which is owned by Facebook has now announced a new tool that will allow users filter direct message request from people they do not follow if the messages contain offensive emojis, phrases or words.

The tool will focus on the message request section of direct messages because this is where abuse normally comes from. "Hidden words", a new section of the app's privacy settings has been created to house the tool which can be applied to comments under an account's post.

The content policy manager of Instagram, Fadzai Madzingira stated they take very serious their commitment to protect users from abuse whether racist, sexist or homophobic and the new tool is part of Instagram updates to protect the community.

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Fadzai Madzingira ​​​

The decision to filter messages that came into users inboxes instead of blocking messaging entirely is to allow the right balance of allowing prominent users to communicate with fans.

Instagram also revealed another new feature designed to limited unwanted contacts asides filtering tool. Someone who has been blocked by a user can't use a new account to contact them again. A number of factors will be used to figure out when a blocked user creates a new account according to Madzingira.

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Saviour Essien
22 Apr

It's a decent innovation to help cleanse IG because lots of things are happening which we must fight to reduce.


Maria Amjad Ali
22 Apr

Woww its great... When I made my account on Instagram, it was quite secure app than facebook therefore I like it... And now, new features are also too good... It becomes more secure day by day.. Good steps👍🏻


Davi Rani
22 Apr

Sir it is too good for all us, but new version of Instagram yet not updated/ available  on my my Mobil. Any area wise updation  or available all over world please. 


Anthony Eri
22 Apr

Get the updated version of Instagram on Google Play Store


Adam Simeon
22 Apr

Well said. 

It's a nice innovation to stop and clean unwanted contacts. 

It's great. Well done! 


Tayyab Ali
22 Apr

Instagram is the secure app than Facebook and it is also the app used by fashion models and many other celebrities who are in contact with entertainment industries also use Instagram....

Instagram is the most famous social media app







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