New Coins on Masternode Hosting Service

Masternode Hosting 

Our Masternode Hosting service provider is now hosting a new set of coins. 

These coins are: 

Which join the previously listed cryptocurrencies: 

With the benefits our Tokenomics bring, users can now run masternodes of any of the above coins offered without paying month after month for hosting. 


1. What is your Tokenomics about? 

Said in a few words, our Tokenomics is the concept that allows you, as a service consumer, to use the services we offer without losing the capital you invest on them. 

2. How can I start using the service? 

Choose a masternode coin from the list that you wish to host with us. You start using the service when a predetermined amount of your capital is deposited via our USA registered corporation, Merge Blockchain Development Group (Merge BCDG). This deposit can be done in either USD or BTC. The amount to deposit is displayed on the coin’s product view at Merge BCDG

3. Who pays the service provider? 

Merge BCDG acts as the trusted third-party (escrow) between you and the service provider, being in charge of protecting your capital and paying the provider for the services they deliver. 

4. How does Merge BCDG pay the provider? 

Merge BCDG buys MERGE coins (tokens) on the exchange with all the capital you deposited in order to start using the service. This is done with the sole purpose of generating rewards with those Merge coins. Merge BCDG obtains these rewards by either staking the coin or setting up MERGE masternodes

The corporation uses all those rewards to pay the service provider, who is, in this case, the Masternode Hosting provider. 

5. How long can I use the Masternode Hosting service? 

Once the capital is deposited, you have 90 days of masternode hosting service. The service provider will contact you to set up the corresponding masternodes and follow up with any inquiries you may have. 

After 90 days, both the service provider and yourself will have a chance to negotiate the renewal of the service. If both of you wish to continue, you get another 90 days of masternode hosting service. 

6. What happens with my capital once I stop using the service? 

The capital you deposited is entirely returned to you, this time as MERGE coins (tokens). Thus, you are free to decide whether to exchange them for another coin or keep them as they are. 

We hope this new set of coins meet your needs. We are open to your feedback and suggestions. 

Best Regards 

Merge Core team


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