Never STOP!

The major issue in our life starts when we stop doing our work just because we've achieved certain dreams and we think that it's enough and I can sit and enjoy the endeavours of that for my whole life. At that point, we start to a downtrend in all aspects of life and we start comparing our results that's what we are now and what we have been. I've learned that by comparing our times and successful moments may always drown you down and you never learn anything. I believe there is no stop on this world provided that you're breathing. The only that can stop you is your "Breathe" if that stops you're no more. There are so many famous saying of well-known writers extracts the thoughts that if you die now while you're reading this post I can bet no one will remember you except your parents and some close friends. Everyone follows you for a reason except your parents. Either the reason can be a constructive one or maybe it is green or something else can't define those things in words. 

Never let this world STOP you!

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People are so smart that they will act as your closest ones and when they get bored of you they will never check on you and someday they will praise their selves that they were something to you. Always be straight forward especially to your closest friend because that may decrease misunderstandings. Things can get even worse soon only you've to do is to focus on your goals and never stop dreaming, never stop being yourself always try to differentiate your needs and your passion and when they come at the same paths then no one can stop you! 

Just wanna convey a message of Consistency, Understanding & loyalty waiting for your worthy comments in the comments section I hope few of you got my point :) 

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Musawir Ali
24 Jan

As a wise man once said "Never stop learning" similarly we must never stop working and trying to achieve more in our lives. 

What's left if we don't want to work for ourselves anymore, life will be boring 


Boom Shakalaka
25 Jan

Besides life being boring, someone once said, once you stop learning, you start dying.

So basically, life is just a range of motions. Once you stop, you're either dead or about to be.

Well that went south pretty fast. 😅


KimJoe Abara
24 Jan

Well.. well .. this is very inspiring write up..

My sister always says.. God has not yet started with me... No matter how much she has.. but she has never stopped.. she still wishes for more.. 

never stop. because there is no limit to what you can achieve.. keep working harder and harder. And never stop


Jessica Ossom
24 Jan

In all that we do in life, it is important to be loyal just like you've said. Being straightforward and honest will make people see us as reliable persons.

The dead are forgotten so fast no matter their once owned title. We ought to know what we are doing.


Samina Khan
24 Jan

Wow 😮 

Sir, you have explained it very well....yeah I agree with one in this world loves us more than our parents.......

We should dream big, faith in Allah, work hard, and never give up...

Thanks for sharing the motivational post...

Stay blessed🌸


Uwem Ekanem
24 Jan

Definitely, I agree deeply with you sir. When we compare our times and success moments in life, it will drown us down and we may  never learn anything. No matter our achievement in life, we should always work harder to achieve more and not to look back at the one we already achieved. There is no height to attain in life.


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