Never ignore people who are emotionally attached to you

We meet a lot of people in life who are very special  to us. They attech with in emotionally way and they give us love  that we become very close to them. Being close here means that  We get very close to them emotionally.

 But the same people when they are angry with us, think in our hearts that the Hour is coming. Sometimes their anger is justified on us because we ignore them unknowingly or when they are too much for us. As we get closer, we understand that

 This person wants to contact us for no reason, he has no purpose, he just wants to spend his free time with me. But it does not happen. Some people are too much for us, love us and talk to us too much. it looks nice.

 But because of our misunderstandings we start eating people who are like a diamond to us. Never ignore people who really love you and want to spend their time with you. ۔

 Because ignoring hurts a lot, but the pain is on the one hand, but when we ignore a person, sometimes that person can be angry with us, and there is a time when that person leaves us. Gone but then we miss this man but now it is too late to give to people who love us.

 Therefore, such a person never really loves the answer and considers you as his sympathy and is sincere with you. If you have such a person in your life, believe me, you are a very lucky person.

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Ayesha Malik
20 Apr

Precious people who have only affectation and loyalty are always misunderstood:

They keep their arrogance aside and remain in touch with the loved one as their effort is to safeguard the relationship from demolishing.

Correction diamond can't be eaten either it can be melted or cracked into portions. 


Farah Ikram
20 Apr

Right when someone loves us wholeheartedly we become proudy and in that proud we start to ignore that person which can hurt them.If someone love us purly in this material world than we are so lucky so we should care about such people and their emotions. 


Sana ullah khan
20 Apr

You are right, I agree with you, but nowadays people in innocent face deceive people and we don't even know that they become so close to us that we have to do something else. Also not visible Yes, you are right that there are good people But we must fully satisfy ourselves


Sana ullah khan
20 Apr

And why do we say to the good people that they give it to us because some bad people come to us in the form of good people and deceive us, so we do not trust the good people again.


Kinza Hashmi
20 Apr

Exactly never ignore such importanc people because they always with you in every moment of life

but when we ignore them they heart a lot due to our behaviors

when we have such person in our life then we feel proud because everyone don't have these special person


Madiha Jamil
20 Apr

 sometimes we get attached by someone and we get emotionally attachment. But after a time passes they start ignore us. We want to talk with them without any reason. We should never lose them. We should always respect them before it gets too late.


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