Never allow yourself to ride on another man's wave perpetually.

If we can all go back to the past, there are situations we wouldn't have gotten ourselves involved in, no matter how good the invite looks. While for some cases, we would have done things differently.

There are boundaries we would never have crossed into and still maintain some relationships from a distance. You can never get hurt by what you are not expecting any benefit from or committed to.

These regrets are the stories of many that have trusted completely without reservations; those that naively believe they can't be hurt by those they call their brother or sisters, forgetting the evil of money can turn any man to a dictator.

Humans become beasts and no one is guaranteed not to take advantage of your naivety if given the opportunity to. It is a cruel world that we are living in. We have seen where father's betray their children. So, there is nothing new under the sun.

Your life starts crumbling from the moment you subject yourself to ride on another man's wave perpetually.

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Wisdom Chinonso
03 Mar

You right bro the race is personal so don't trust anyone


Ifiok Eso
03 Mar

We are all very unique beings. What worked for Paul may not work for Peter and what worked for Ngozi may not work for Ada. Follow your wave and stay in your lane


03 Mar

There are limits in each and every one matter, if we ignore the limits then the chances of loss/dangerou may increase. We should beyond the limits. Every step of life should be careful in the race of world.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
04 Mar

If there is one thing I have learnt in this life; it is never to compare myself with anyone, because I am unique in all way and can never be the same as another person; not now and not ever. 

But buddy, you obviously copied the title of this post from the link below, please, make your own unique post title in the future:


Endeme Tariah
04 Mar

Life is full of uncertainties...there are moments and situations in life that we wish at times we had done things differently or probably avoided...but we can't be to sure of certain things and there are situations we can't really avoid. We just need to be careful and prayerful.







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