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The motive behind this write-up is to seek your advice.

A very close female friend of mine called me today and she narrated an issue to me. She is very disturbed and traumatized as I type this message now.

She has been married for 13 years now but unfortunately, she has never enjoyed any moment of the marriage. Her husband beats her very frequently and he doesn't see to her welfare.

Presently, the marriage is blessed with 4 girls. She already decided to stop childbearing at the moment and her husband agreed.

Recently (last year), her husband started putting pressure on her to have one more issue because he is now very desperate to have a male child. She agreed and they gave it a trial but unfortunately, the pregnancy resulted in an abnormal medical condition " molar pregnancy" that almost took her life.

She went for Surgery to remove the abnormal growth in her womb. For those who are getting to know about molar pregnancy for the first time, it is an abnormal growth of cells in the womb. These cells continue to replicate themselves in the womb and the growth is very similar to cancerous growth.

After the surgery, the Surgeon warned her to avoid being pregnant for the now until further notice. However, her husband has started putting pressure on her again to be pregnant and he has threatened to go for another woman if she doesn't agree.

The amazing part of her story is that her husband is aware of the warning from the Surgeon to avoid being pregnant for now.

She is in a dilemma now on what to do. Please she needs our collective and experienced advice on this matter. I'll relate your comment to her 

Your advice will be highly appreciated. God bless you as the drop your advice in the comment box.




Mfoniso Michael
23 Nov

There's really nothing much to say. She has two options; to give in to her husband's request and risk her life, or she stays alive, maybe divorced by heeding to the doctor's instructions. 

In both case; the worst that could occur are;  death and divorce respectively.

She must choose one.

The husband is quite insensitive. 

She might need a legal adviser. She can also talk to the husband's religious or family leader. She has to be protected.


Ezekiel Bola
24 Nov

Thanks for this wonderful comment bro. You have done justice to the issue at hand with this very wonderful comment.

I'm sincerely very grateful for the time created to analyze this post before making your recommendation.

Thanks and God bless.


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