Nature from my eyes Part II "Feeding the Bees"

Hello everyone, i wish you great saturday..

This is my garden and this is my "Crape Myrtle Tree".. 

The tree that feeds the bees.. 

Yes, the bees love this tree too much because it has lots of honey on it.. 

If you take a look at this photo you would see the yellow parts which bees take their honeys..

Bees are very bustling animals and they move too fast, that why taking their photos is too hard.. I did my best believe me :)

I love my garden and i feel very happy to see bees in here.. We all know that bees are too important for balance of nature.. So we need to take car of them..

All photos taken with my iPhone 11 camera and i never use any filters..

I hope you like them..

Thank you..



BGold Ola
22 Aug

Wow! This is wonderful garden, a garden that provides food for bees, you did a great job that you could even capture the bee to the extense that it shows. Kudos!


Kinza Khan
22 Aug

My friend, you are a very good photographer you have taken a very good photos 


Uwem Ekanem
22 Aug

Wow... Beautiful and amazing photography.. The garden is very wonderful and attractive in nature... Indeed nature is a blessings from God..  You did a great job....Nice capturing. 


Michael Gimba
22 Aug

Wow such a beautiful and awesome view of nature. Those flowers are beautiful and truly defines nature. You phone camera is super dope


Adeiyi Iyiola
22 Aug

This is extremely gorgeous shot , Nature is a universal gift for human and environment.However flower is a unique nature represent different event like Love 💕 Best wishes and memorable day:I really love Bee 🐝 they usually goes for a beautiful plants and flowers but problem is their sting







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