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Dear Uptrenndians, in our daily life we see many beautiful things like human, flowers, trees, greeneries, trees of delicious fruit's, beautiful and chirping birds.

Nature has created many beautiful things like greenery,mountains, glaciers, waterfall etc, for us and we should visit them .

Whenever we put our first look on such beautiful things so seriously we fee ll surprised,

Because all natural things are unique in beauty and unique in their look.

Beautiful landscapes bring great joy and happiness to our hearts as well as force us to turn towards the wisdom of nature.

Have we ever wondered what was in our universe when there was nothing in the universe?

So of course the answer that comes to our mind is that it existed at that time.  And she was there with all her might.  And from that day on, nature created a special system for man.  And for man, these delicious fruits and high mountains and valleys, as well as springs that have their own special status.  And provide great beauty.  

That man's heart is compelled to appreciate nature.

And we think that the way we look at nature, the way we look at it, the way we look at it, the way we look at it, the way we look at nature, the way we look at nature, the way we look at nature.

But in spite of so many blessings, we are very less thankful to nature.

As a result, we should keep in mind that we should always have a feeling of gratitude to our Lord and strengthen that feeling.



Muhammad Zulfiqar
26 Mar

Indeed nature is great blessing of ALLAH Almighty. When we look at nature it make us happy. Nature effect everything especially human life. It make our life beautiful 


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
26 Mar

Absolutely nature is very beautiful everywhere and as beautiful as Allah Almighty has create  nature, it has a profound effect on our lives. You have often seen that whenever we look at nature our heart becomes very happy. And there are many of us who get excited. Surely Allah has created everything very beautiful which is praiseworthy.


Shahid Iqbal
26 Mar

Nature is something that is the most pure thing in the world. It has such an attraction that whenever we see nature we get refreshed 


Noor Badshah
26 Mar

Nature is the main beauty of our world. Many people from cities going to villages to see just nature. Because nature has happiness and when we see nature and greener than we have cool eyes and refreshing ourselves. Almighty Allah blessed us more with nature. 


Madiha Jamil
26 Mar

No doubt nature is so much beautiful. Allah has created all the things and make it in a beautiful way and yeah we should visit it. 







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