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I am here to inform you all by writing a review to introduce a very unique new project called MYIDENTITYCOIN, so for that, consider the article I created below to give you an overview of this project and how it is going to be. provide a very good and attractive offer for everyone. Immediately, we continue to the discussion below.

So now we are familiar with MYIDENTITYCOIN

Believe it or not, swaps are not really a crucial factor in trading as a determinant of success. However, traders who understand what swaps are and are able to take advantage of them can use them for future success.


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My Identity Coin is used to generate an OkGlobal coin code with each owner's data identification. You should know that MYID Coin itself is an Ethereum ERC20 token but will be transferred to its own unique block due to Ethereum functionality limitations. The first reason for selecting Etherium is to introduce MYID Coin ICO and ensure compatibility with trading platforms and ease of public access to participate in the ICO offer. The MYID currency will operate an algorithmic mesh with OkGlobal Coin and can be used for other blockchain assets. As a breakdown, 40% will be reserved for teams and promoters. The remaining 0% will be offered for sale to the public. Proceeds from ICOs and future sales will be used to create and secure technologies and platforms for MYD coins.

My Identity Coin (MyIditentCine) is a unique cryptographic utility resource that stores user data and details using a unique identification code that can only be accessed individually and when a user purchases an asset, the individual details are automatically stored in this asset. It will be and it will be impossible for implasters to claim that millions of assets will be safe and secure through this project and that all crypto investors can be happy again.

My identity is approved with the Coin Money Project which is known as the first recipient of the international blockchain to assist in payment processing using decentralized autonomous agencies. The platform that is well known is the fastest way to transact, one famous and the best among others.


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OakGlobal is a platform designed to solve numerous problems in the crypto space and has encouraged the project to be a platform to protect users' resources, transparency, control, easy and fast payment mode, short transaction costs and numerous other features. Makes users secure and transparent. The new one is, my identity coin is associated with this platform and all these features are also the main goal of my identity coin.

As the project is open to every individual, government and organization, financial and non-governmental organizations, individuals or governments will return OCLGlobal profits to investors. The seat charged by Okglobal will be available in the market place and the accumulated profit will be reinvested in the currency which will increase the value of all currency holders on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.


OkGlobal will feel at the hands of individuals. Governments and rogue organizations will not be able to use the unpaid left as our cash and as cash for their components ব্য these rates and expenses will be freely accessible from OpenGlobal and taken to the marketplace. The benefits are that our currency can be recovered and the original coin holders will be expanded in the first year of the long year in the manner of pricing the holders of this original currency.


OakGlobal It is not possible to plan at the stage that the crypto world can be further developed. Also, my identity coin is needed at extraordinary levels.


Registered, licensed and insured with the appropriate regulatory authority to ensure proper management and operation supervision for the protection of our participants.


Accounting is completely transparent and regularly monitored by third party administrators online for quality and stability of investments, holdings, services, cash flow, operating expenses, etc.

👉Smart management:

Leading industry experts and firms are working to provide services while ensuring conservative sustainable growth. Top global talent under one umbrella of Okeglobal coins.


Quick account reconciliation for merchants and minimum cost services for all participants. Payment is made easily through any phone app or card. Accounting and reconciliation for consumers and merchants automatically recorded in the history of customers and merchants.


👉Minimum incremental base price from reinvested return from service / payment / finance / investment platform in case of company / currency contraction Val

👉Currency Advanced and faster currency transfers and reduce transaction costs to a negligible amount that benefits all participants.

👉Retain or increase purchasing power year after year after continuing with outpacing or bare minimum inflation.

My Introductory Currency Technology for Loss Risk Reduction:

The project, which is related to the "money project" that anchors the Ocglobal Coin Switch, has solved the problem of fighting the cryptocurrency space for a long time through tagging / wrapping technology in scandalous projects and platforms to reduce the loss of assets and investments. The platform uses individual details and information to store individual assets to make individual assets safe, secure and ease of claim when the individual wishes to withdraw his or her assets.



Stable coin 1:1 backed and redeemable at our international service centers or various exchanges.



👉 MYID*ERC20 Contract Address: 0xbee571a0a8599ada125e1a33e56287c3c594a5e2

👉 1 ETH = 500,000 COINS DURING ICO

👉 Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH = 25 billion MYID coins

👉 Total Volume: 100 billion (ERC20) MY IDENTITY Coins

👉 Launch Date: 27th December 2020 9AM Singapore Time

👉 ICO Duration: 60 days

Large ICO launchpad:

25% currency bonus till the end of pre-sale / ICO 25th February 2021. 2x, 5x, 10x or more support on the list opening date on March 25, 2021!

Only bonus prices are available during ICO / IEO! Aggressive global marketing campaigns and listings of top exchanges are expected to push up the price of MYID coins

ICO Start Date: 27 December 2020

ICO duration: 60 days

As described above, this project is in the token sale stage or it can be called Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The MYID team uses this method as an alternative to fundraising where blockchain startups provide their own crypto tokens and sell them in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC) or Etherium (ETH). There are several stages to buying this token, you can buy through it, or it can be through any exchange platform that supports the sale of such tokens. According to the information I have, you can buy these tokens through Uniswap, Index, Chainox, Vindax and TokPI.

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The project will be available on various IoE exchanges (Windax, Index, ChainEx and TokPI) and users will also be able to purchase tokens using the official website With ease. The IEO, which started on 2nd December, will run on the above mentioned exchanges till 25th February and the listing will start immediately on 6 exchanges with good trading volume after the completion of IEO. A total of 10,000 MYID coins will be sold for 500,000 MYID = 1 ETH.


The project has an ecosystem that carries all members of the ecosystem and decides with the members of the ecosystem, not for them. This is to ensure an ecosystem that is effective and active because the native token of the ecosystem has a huge impact on the ecosystem and the cost of transactions involved in decision making. Native tokens will be used for these.


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Thanks for reading this article and using your precious time on here. For MYIDENTITYCOIN (MYID) they are trying to build something great and unique. We saw dozens of projects without any single usability and we witness their extincion. And on the other hand "MYID COIN" team have a solid idea and they almost finalized their products and services. So in my opinion there isn’t any reason for crypto exchange-traded fund (MYIDENTITYCOIN) to be successful. and i Appreciate this Unique Idea for Their "MYID COIN"; To be A Better Perform in Near future For sure Good Wishes For them. 

Financial security is one of the most urgent agendas in the world, with many people living on less than $ 1 a day with traditional financial systems failing to do so, ignoring certain segments of the population and focusing on making a profit. MYID's protocol asset management platform will provide a permanent solution. It will connect all classes of investors and fund managers in a decentralized fashion, presenting a win-win situation for all. Get involved in this awesome project today!

I wish everyone who will read my article good luck in their investments and I hope they will get maximum profit.


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