My views about Uptrennd entry for emaan Ali Contest

Assalam O alikum buddies 💗

I am sure you are enjoying 2up Tuesday with full efforts and struggle .Keep up the good work and always keep on trending .

First of all thanks dear @emaan Ali for this wonderful opportunity and sad to know about your father illness .May Allah Almighty bless your father a good health may he get well soon .Now time to give answers of the given questions 

Q.1: What You Know About Uptrennd?

I know Uptrennd is the best social media  plateform ever based on blockchain base it pays to engage  and makes every user creative and provide security of your data . Freedom of speech is it's the  best feature among all .

Q.2: The thing which you liked most on Uptrennd ?

It's the best thing it leads to positivity and there is no one negative or nuidity here .It pays to engage this feature helped me alot to pay my educational fees and other expenses .I am here more than 10 months and earned more 100k PKR it's not less than Blessings for me because I belong to poor family 

Q.3: The thing which you don't like On Uptrennd?

There must be instant system for withdrawal because you many people here belong mediocre families they need money after month or so .But delay for withdrawal make them dishearted to leave the platform most of my friends have joined the other site .But I can't move from here due my strong belief 


Q.4: You are finding which thing on Uptrennd?

I am finding here to support my family financially due crisis we are facing some problem .It's my one and only motto to earn and to support my family 

Q.5: The Best Uptrennd User according to you?

According to my own choice Amal fatma is the best Uptrennd user she is very punctual and using Uptrennd from the start when I joined Uptrennd .She is on level 17 .You can visit her profile .

Q.6: The changes which you want on Uptrennd?

__There must be addition of Urdu community

__There should be instant withdrawal system

__1up tokens must be listed on binance or any major exchange 

__There should be  restriction on religious discussion 

__For new user there should be bonus to get more levels in the start 

Q.7: The best gift/memory you got from Uptrennd?

The best gift ever is my mobile phone last time I bought from the income of Uptrennd vivo Y15 its cost is 25k in PKR . Despite this I  paid my uni fees and many others things are the best gift of Uptrennd 

Q.8: The best person to whom you met on Uptrennd?

The best person whom I met is Naveed 2.0 .Now we are the best friend cordially . Because he belongs to my region .May Allah Almighty bless and success him 

Q.9: Which lesson you got through your mistakes on Uptrennd?

In my 10 months journey on Uptrennd I muted only one times that was by mistake made by me unintentionally .I got mute on December 3 and unmuted on 3 january it gives me the lesson we should learn the mistake either we make it intentionally or unintentionally because we can't move forward without admitting mistakes 

Q.10 What you learned through this worldwide Platform?

I learned that humanity is the common thing in all the religions .I have come to know about different traditions of various people .We should respect each other 

Q.10: How Uptrennd Brought Positivity in your Life?

Before joining it I spent my time by watching different movies and bla bla on Facebook and Twitter . Uptrennd encourages me to write something new always appreciate me to thing something awesome .It's practical exmas how we can be positive vibes. 

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Amal Fatima
05 Jan

Uptrennd is the best platform that brought light in dark lives. 

The changes you want to update on Uptrennd is best. 

Omg I don't know I got two mentioned in one day in the list of best uptrennd user. Thanks to both of you for giving me this honor. 

Making a mistake is obligatory because it teaches you lesson that don't repeat your mistake. 

No doubt uptrennd gives us chance to explore the culture of different nations. 

Uptrennd saves our time and we don't waste our time on Facebook and watching TV series and films., 🙂

Good luck 🤞


Mohsin Pakistani
05 Jan

You are always welcome dear ❣️

You are really doing incredible on Uptrennd God bless you ❣️❤️


Mohsin Pakistani
05 Jan

You are always welcome dear ❣️

You are really doing incredible on Uptrennd God bless you ❣️❤️


Lala Shahbaz khan🇵🇰
05 Jan

Welcome ada saen 

May u be blessed always 


Mohsin Pakistani
05 Jan

Thanks Meda beta Shabbo 😂

Allah Pak bless you more than meday kun ❣️Ameen ❤️







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