Greetings, Everyone!!!

I hope all of u are fine and enjoying the rainy day with full zeal and zest.☺

The uptrend is the best platform I have ever seen. It helps us both economically and socially. The way they judge the skills and upgrades of the person is there.

My journey in an uptrend is full of charm and full of new experiences to meet different people with a happy and kind nature. There are people of good vibes and positive thinking who always encourage others. A support platform that improves learning skills and shows hidden talents in superiors.

So, let's start with my views about the uptrend :)

  • What do I know About Uptrend?

In the beginning, I tell you that it's the best platform I have ever seen in my life. This platform changes many lives of the users by judging their skills and hidden abilities. This platform makes a man like a newborn baby.

  •  The thing which I liked most about the uptrend?

The thing I liked most is the supportive nature regarding quality creators. This platform promotes quality creators on a high level and always support a newbie if they made a mistake.

  • The thing which I don't like On Uptrend?

The thing I don't like on the uptrend is Favoritism. It's the main destruction of the platform. Many of the users left due to this reason and I'm sorry if someone hurt by my words but many users do favoritism and a quality creator person left due to grief and un attention of the guardians.

  •  I'm finding which thing on Uptrend?

A Family.

Yes, I'm finding a supportive family on an uptrend. The family who always care about you and teach you about your mistakes if you do it again then they give you punishment in the shape of plenty of deduction of points as happen to me😅😅

  •  The Best Uptrend User according to me?

No doubt, every user is serving best as their own will. I'm mentioning their name because some of the names I left then hurt but the best user I have seen in an uptrend is @ Natiq Abbas. I'm following him since I join the uptrend. He is a very supportive and helping nature person. If I taught about guardian then best is @Naveed Ahmad ( NAVI ). He is a man of a different personality. His attitude is supportive for all of one and they don't show favoritism 😊.

  • The changes which I want Uptrend?

√ Leaderboard membership back.

√ Own portfolio.

√ ​Deleted post backup.

√​ Unlimited publications in one day.

√ Improvement in the editor.

√ Inactive user membership should be canceled.

√ The direct messaging interface should be improved.

  •  The best gift/memory I got from Uptrend?

The memory I got from the uptrend is that I got to know that my luck runs faster than others. I can elaborate it by giving an example of the contest I won through the spin wheel.

  • I won recently a @Emaan contest about the Christmas celebration on the last 2up.

  • I won most contests of @Hamid & @Arslan.

  • I won the contest of @Navi about my first post on an uptrend.

  • I won the contest of @iqra Tariq contest about "Someone I miss".

And so many...

  • The best person to whom I met Uptrend?

The best person whom I met is Mudassar Ejaz. I joined this wonderful and amazing platform through his link. He is a very kind and jolly nature person. He supports me whenever I have an issue about exchanging my 1up to pkr and so many other things.

  • Which lesson did I get through my mistakes Uptrend?

First, when I joined this platform through a referral of a friend they don't give any updates about this platform and I got first plenty of 200 points by @NAVI Sir but after that, I didn't restrict myself from doing it and I got plenty of deduction of points again and blocked for one month. Then I realized and never do that mistake again.

  • What did I learn through this worldwide Platform?

  •  I learn many things from this platform such as that It's very difficult for me to write English but this platform taught me how to write English with basic things. 

  • ​Difficulty to write about topics but now I guarantee it I can write content about any of the topic.

  • How Uptrend  Brought Positivity in my Life?

My mind begins to start thinking about new and new things and I got to know about different cultures, different people, different traditions on this platform. This brought positivity to my mind.

So, this is my entry to the @emaan Ali contest. If you want to participate in her contest, then click here.






NatiQ Abbas
05 Jan

These are the best changes that we want. 

And thank you bro for mentioning my name in the best user list.  

You are also doing good and soon you are getting fame bro


Syed Inayat shah
05 Jan

Your entry is awesome. You answers of every question is quality answers. Best of luck for contest dear. 


Alli Philip
05 Jan

Seeing people happily working with all concentration knowing fully that payments are great.


Egwu Doris .
05 Jan

Wooow. Uptrennd has done more good than eveil for you. You have really learnt a lot. 

I will like to correct them part that we need to have multiple publications. I think the three we have is OK. If we do have multiple, the rate of engagement will reduce because people will have so many topics or posts to check and engagement on all posts will reduce. I feel its OK like this


siddharth haribhai
05 Jan

i will join this contest. thanks for bringing it to our attention. may the best one win.







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