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My uptrennd story

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Lucas S 6 months ago

Keep up the sharing and reading on Uptrennd, and you'll have a wealth of knowledge on crypto subjects in no time!

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

Thank you for the kind words

Osato Jegede 6 months ago

Awesome story you got here Betty. Some of us, if not everyone probably had similar stories. The Uptrennd platform is a place everyone would rather be. Keep then coming, this community is here to stay for a long time. ??

Lucky Patrick 6 months ago

This is so nice am looking forward to having same experience 

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

Welcome on board lucky, you are sure going to love it here; uptrennd

St3v3 T88888 6 months ago

Great reading Betty, the good thing is we are all growing and learning together, what one person doesnt know another person does, so as a whole we are learning so much from each other and expanding our knowledge across many projects and topics which is great, investing in oursleves and others can only mean great things will happen, as they say 2 heads are better than one so thousands of heads must be an immense amount of knowledge shared among us. Keep up the good work its great to see you so active and especially with you sharing your story and how things are going for you on Uptrennd.

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

Thank you St3v3 ur comments are so inspiring, keep up the good work

Acheampong Emmanuel 6 months ago

That is such an inspiring story! Nice having you on uptrennd platform.

Your articles are also amazing! Keep on with the good.

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

Thank you I appreciate







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